Starfield: New information about fractions, companions, dialogues, falling comets

If I talk to colleagues about Starfield, these are safe through the bank: The release date on November 11, 2022 is only a marketing gag and will certainly not be complied with in the era “Covid”. Say: You calculate at any time with a shift. On the other hand, I remain optimistic: Todd Howard and his team will do everything to keep the important date (keyword: Skyrim release).

Where does the gameplay trailer stay?

If it is actually the 11th of November 2022, Bethesda would have to work on an almost finished game. With such a large project, test and fine-cut phases finally take a lot of time. This in turn means that the developers have to have a lot of material for a tens of chic gameplay trailers.

Already in November 2021 Todd Howard announced his sign leading head of Bethesda Game Studios, in the course of an ASK my-anything round on Reddit, however, that it will give the large gameplay debut in the coming summer , In the course of a big show. Since Bethesda has meanwhile belongs to Microsoft, he certainly means the big showcase of Team Xbox , which could take place around the E3.

Many new info, even without gameplay

Long speech, short sense: When recently the second episode of the video series “Starfield – in the Starmeer” turned online, there was only chic artworks to Starfield and many promises of the Bethesda developers. Specifically Languages ​​Game Director Todd Howard, Design Director Emil Pagliarulo, Lead Quest Designer wants Shen and Lead Artist isvan Pely about the immersive universe that will expect us.

The slightly more than five minutes long video will find you up in the news. Here are the most important findings:

  • The developers promise an active universe in which the player can do what he wants.
  • We should make decisions and influence the world.
  • Bethesda-RPGs are always simulations. It can always come to unexpected situations. What happens when a comet suddenly slaps somewhere? The developers do not know that themselves. Your job is only to make such things possible. This type of chaos make games from Bethesda.
  • There will be a character creature.
  • Starfield should become a hardcore RPG that makes usual things in a new way.
  • The interactions with NPCs in the world should feel really like it. That is why scans were used for the character models (but also for landscapes) scans real role models as well as photogrammetry.

  • There will be several factions: the United Colonies (a kind of idealized republic in All), Freestar Collective (Borderland Residents with “Space Western” Flair), Ryujin Industries (Mega Group) and Crimson Fleet (pirates).

  • The “Crimson Fleet” are almost the enemies, but each player can also connect this faction.
  • Companions, so companions will give. In this context, a robot is shown in the video. Your companions will always comment on what happened to you or what you are experiencing together.
  • In the conversations, there will be a kind of mini-game of conviction and seduction that continues as the comparable persuasion system from Oblivion. Todd Howard holds the new dialogue system for one of the best of all Bethesda games.

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* Starfield should offer romances, but also adventures, Mystery and, of course, the exploration of the universe.

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