How to get a gun in the tunic

Tunic sees how you play the role of a small fox, armed with sword and shield, in a mysterious quest. On the way, you will fight various monsters and need to help various items in your journey. One of these is a pistol. It can make you wonder how to get a gun in the tunic.

You should go to the quarry to get a gun in the tunic . On the way to the lower mias, you descend over several slopes. If you hug the cliffs on the left side, you will find a secret passage to the area with garbers and goals. The gun here in the chest.

Where to take a gun in a tunic

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You can find a gun in a career at the bottom left of the map. You will need to go through the secret passage in the rocks to get to this area. We have noted the location of the gun with a red star and drove the passage on the map above .

Several grovers with rifles guard the chest, so you need to defeat them before opening it. Pistol – a powerful subject, when using which your magic band is consumed. It shoots a short, but wide radius and can destroy several enemies at once.

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