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Grand Theft Auto 5: Also on the new consoles a great game

Whether Rockstar Games now thought “All good games are three.” Or rather “double raxaster continues better.”, is not known. The fact is that Grand Theft Auto 5 after its original release in September 2013 for PS3 and Xbox 360 and its Remaster, which appeared for PS4 and Xbox One in November 2014, has now been implemented again for the new console generation. Many fans of the cult series want after all the years rather finally a Grand Theft Auto 6, but the renewed Remaster is quite comprehensible, after all GTA 5 sold over 155 million times and generated a turnover through the still popular online mode Of a total of over $ 6 billion.

But Can Grand Theft Auto 5 Almost 9 years after the first appear? Is the title on PS5 and Xbox Series maybe even such a debacle as the end of the year published GTA Trilogy: Definitive Edition? We can calm you: Grand Theft Auto 5 is still a fantastic game and the Remaster for the new generation is extremely well done.

The second GTA-5 console Remaster in the test

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Open World Action of Extra Class

But we first devote ourselves to the people who spent the last nine years in a dark cave in Karbonit were frozen or in a hippie municipality with many packs of rudel but little gaming possibilities lived and therefore nothing of GTA 5 (Buy Now 189,94 € / 26.98 €) have noticed:

There you can also do all kinds of Schabernack, such as orders of freaks meet, explore city and surrounding countryside, race race, ride shops, play tennis or just bother wild people. GTA 5 offers so many ways to have fun, relax or just to let out the sow that it would take forever to enumerate all optional occupations.

And the best thing is: Almost all of these occupations are also fun, so you still caught today how to go straight into the ingeniously designed game world and completely forget the time.

But of course you make not only so rum, there is also a red thread. You take control of the three main characters Michael, Franklin and Trevor, between which you may change free and often in the Open World as well as often in missions, and all of them have different skills.

In any case, the three gangsters connect to various robberies and advised, among other things, into the crosshairs of government organizations, weapon slides, drug dealers and some other criminals.

In addition to the continued phenomenal single player mode, however, there are still GTA online. Here you create your own character, doing missions, you measure with other players in races, deathmatches or battle-royal modes or closes yourself in teams to play special online services.

Strong Remaster

Now we now come to the Remaster for PS5 and Xbox Series. Fortunately, no full price title is more. Regular, the new versions should cost about 40 euros, but are currently being offered. PS-Plus subscribers get GTA online even for three months free.

If you have gotten GTA 5 already in the first and / or second edition, of course, must decide for yourself if he or she spends money for the game, but there is hardly anything to complain about the implementation for the new consoles. Both the scenes of the campaign as well as progress in GTA Online can be taken from the last to the new console generation.

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