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Finally “Alien Soldier” has come! Add 3 works to Sega Mega Drive for Nintendo Switch Online

Sega Genesis Classics Vs. Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection! What's Changed?
Additional titles have been delivered from March 17th to “ Sega Mega Drive for Nintendo Switch Online ” that can be played by joining a paid service for Nintendo Switch Online + Add Pack.

Lineup is 3 works of “Alien Soldier” “Super Fantasy Zone” “Light Crusader” . Especially “Alien Soldier” is a popular cartoon “ different world uncle” known among Segafan **. People who are interested through the same work are also playing at this opportunity?

# ◆ Alien Soldier (SEGA)

Challenges from the treasure for people who love Mega drives! A consecutive consecutive battle with a boss with 25 bosses is an action shooting that calls a topic. Let’s find the capture method while defeating.

◆ Super Fantasy Zone (Sunsoft)

Mega Drive Original sequel of masterpiece shooting. Power-up systems are healthy that defeat the enemy and collect coins and shop at the shop. Fight on the stage of the new eight planets.

# ◆ Light Crusader (SEGA)

Action RPG handed by the craftsman group treasure. Became a swordsman David Lander, and play a variety of traps in the labyrinth, and the adventure to find out the truth of the monster case where the wizard guild takes up.