Destiny 2 source rotation and weapon loss

The Wellspring is the latest activity related to the selection of players, which will appear in Destiny 2: The Witchqueen. In it, Guardians attack or protect a strategically important point in the Throne World of Savatun from contempt.

  • Day 1: Attack – Legendary Automatic Rifle Come to Pass

  • day 2: Protection – legendary grenade launcher Tarnishch
  • Day 3: Attack – Legendary Taradidla Bow Square
  • day 4: Protection – legendary sniper rifle “Sins of Father”

Every day, the guard is precipitated the source, then protect it. The action passes through a series of four “phases” between attack and protection that appear bosses and drop-down weapons. This information is crucial because the guards will need to get a certain amount of each weapon as a drop in order to unlock it for the workbench.

  • 1 day: Golmet Spring keeper
  • Day 2: Vesuvel, Fresh
  • Day 3: Bor’ongong, Spring keeper
  • Day 4: Zirik, Fresh

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And the automatic rifle, and the grenade launches require two shots with DeepPeep Resonance to unlock the pattern. Onions and sniper rifles will require three drops for crafting with DeepSight Resonance. Thus, guards are recommended to run each action several times a day to unlock each weapon.

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