A hacker is causing suspensions between the players of Elden Ring

Despite being a game that you can enjoy offline without any problems, the pvp and co-op are extremely important elements for players of _ Elden Ring _. Because of this, there is a notorious hacker that since the days of _ Dark Souls 3 _ has been invading users and in doing so, it is also leaving them an item in their inventory that could cause a suspension in their accounts.

Beating Elden Ring By Overpowered Stupid Means

Malcolm Reynolds He started his reign of terror from Dark Souls 3 , invading and killing players with practically invincible spells. When hit by one of these spells, several illegal items will be added to your inventory, which were only intended for use by employees of fromSoftware during the development process.

When the player invaded revives after dying, Elden Ring detects that these illegal items have in their possession and suspend them to play with other players. Instead, these users can only play online with other hackers.

According to Reynolds , this does it on purpose to incite fromSoftware to improve your anti-trap system. In statements for Kotaku , Reynolds said that the intention of him was that they trap it and consider himself as “a necessary evil”. In case this hacker comes to invade your departure, the best thing you can do is intentionally die, disconnect or close the game completely.

Considering the huge number of players Elden Ring currently has, it will not be very difficult for Reynolds to find a victim.

Editor’s note: For more “benevolent” that is this cause, I am sure that there are better methods to communicate with fromSoftware. And is that the online element in this type of game is quite important for many players, and it is a shame to have to take care of their backs by someone like that.