Elden Ring: Technology Test in Video – Requirements, Tuning

The most recent game of the Japanese Studio from Software has made a clear technical step towards its indirect predispers – even without the already announced raytracing support and even if the game is not competing directly with graphics crangers such as cyberpunk 2077. Elden Ring is based on the same but further developed engine such as Dark Souls 3 or Sekiro, which in turn originally descended by Sony’s Phyreengine. As the first souls born from from Software, Elden Ring makes the step towards the current hardware generation, uses the DIRECT-X-12 interface and increases the scope and detail of the open world against Sekiro or Dark Souls 3 drastically. In addition to the realization that Elden Ring is significantly colorful than the mental predecessor Dark Souls 3, the technical improvements in the graphics engine are shown when comparing the visibility and detailed accuracy.

From Software has succeeded in (Buy Now) to develop the most beautiful souls borne so far. The graphic has received many improvements, detailed degree and view are noticeably higher, new and chic effects have received collection and the dynamic day-night cycle as well as different weather conditions bring a significant increase in dynamics. However, more appreciable than the technical aspect of the graphics is the artistic – as used by from Software, the often remarkable work of noticeably inspired artists and designers is the true highlight of the optics. Were arttyle and the method of telling the story, the Japanese have always been extraordinary, Elden Ring cranks at the old-sided technology repertoire.

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Ten years ago, a 60 fps-lock may hardly have disturbed someone, but not only the technology, but also players have evolved. Today, a proper mouse and keyboard control, widescreen support and more than 60 fps to the good sound. We do not believe yourself, but maybe from software can be persuaded from the high sales figures and numerous feedback to a patch or an extension.

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