BIC Festival 2022, Online Presentation 25

[Eye News 24 Moon Young – Soo] Busan City (Market Park, Hyung Jun) and Busan Information Industry Promotion Agency (Chief Chung Do), Busan Industry Promotion Agency (Organizational Committee Seo Tae Gun) ) ‘The’ briefing session will be held on March 25 at 2:00 pm on-line live broadcasting.

The BIC festival has won eight this year. Last year, last year, which was conducted on the on-offline parallel, has exhibited 121 Indie game works and 15,264 views of 42 countries.

This briefing session will proceed in an online non-surface method, depending on the proliferation of Corona, and can be watched through the Bic Festival (Bic Festival). ▲ Date and Event Overview ▲ Major change point ▲ Exhibition reception sector introduction and acceptance method guide ▲ Discharge selection of exhibition examination. In particular, the reception system guide will be guided by the Special Guest BIC’s Virtual Influer ‘John’.

In addition, some questions that collect pre-questions through the BIC official Nuri house and adopted a presenter on the date of the presentation, and the present invention will directly answer the developer, relevant companies, gamers and provide a predetermined product through lottery.

Vidéo de présentation du festival 2022

Seo Tai-Gun Busan Indigon Connect Festini Organizing Committee The Organizational Committee said, “Even in the crisis of Corona, the enthusiasm of the domestic and overseas Indie Games developers were able to securely hold the BIC festival last year, based on various opinions that have been sent. “As a result, the challenge of BIC festivals for Indie Game Ecosystem support is the first time this year, thank you for the first time,” he said.

“The BiC Festival 2022 will also be decorated with a more colorful and abundant global event,” said BiC Festival 2022, “said B. Pusan ​​Information Industry Promotion Agency. I prepared it, “I ask for a lot of attention,” he said.