Kwasniok: “Ceremony of the second gate is not fair”

“The abnition of the second gate is extremely bitter and not fair for us,” Kwasniok explained after the game at the “ARD” micro. Everyone has seen the scene. In the 90th + 4 minute Joker Dennis Srbeny achieved the 2: 1 for the SCP, but the impartial Michael Bacher decided on striker foul by Kemal Ademi in advance. A hard decision, which brought the minds to the households for cooking. “Today is a stress problem for me,” Kwasniok betrayed.

Caretaker Committee imposed two-game stadium ban and Bullets game forfeiture

For the game but a fair decision, because Fortuna Düsseldorf was at the end at eye level with the households and earned the draw (1: 1). And that despite the hull squad. 14 Licensing players were infected with Corona in the run-up to the game – the DFL did not take place. A “rumpel-eleven”, as Kwasniok named her, did not see the SCP coach. Rather, it was “after the awarded penalty and the goal of a Hercules task” for the team of the 40-year-old, which, however, must grasp its own nose.

Compensation scanner and captain Ron Schallenberg accurately summed up: “We had great opportunities. If we had made the compensation sooner, even more it would have been possible.” In fact, for example, Felix plate had the chance in the first passage of the point, but also After 0: 1 there was more than one way to compensate.