Free PlayStation Plus game that causes subscriber problems

PlayStation Plus Subscribers at Reddit have transmitted the news that there are problems with one of the free PS plus games. In other words, you may want to be careful when downloading it. For the month of March, PS Plus subscribers will receive a very solid line of games topped with a fourth additional game in the form of tsushima: Legends_ 2020 Cooperative Multiplayer Mode fantasma of tsushima. Most PlayStation Plus subscribers will instantly claim this additional gift, however, if it has not yet done so, you may want to wait depending on how much your future plans include the PS5 version of Tsushima_.

How to redeem PS PLUS LIFETIME access!

More than one subscriber of PlayStation Plus has revealed that after downloading fantasma of tsushima: legends through PlayStation Plus, update the PS4 version of fantasma of tsushima to the PS5 Edition of the Director The version was not available, which by Assumption would mean that, instead of getting the PS5 version for $ 10, they would have to disburse the total price requested by the game.

Obviously, it is an error and, at the time of publication, it is not clear if it has been solved. That said, it has been revealed that the problem can be resolved through the PlayStation support, although, at this time, there is no guarantee that this happens. The user behind the original publication revealed in an update that the PlayStation Support was able to help them solve the problem, but if the PlayStation support is something, it is inconsistent. Therefore, until we have more information about whether this problem has been completely resolved or not, it may be better to avoid claiming Fantasma tsushima: Legends through PlayStation Plus if you plan up to update your version of fantasma tsushima director’s in ps5

This problem is a byproduct of the complicated PlayStation update system for your games. While many developers and editors offer free PS4 to PS5 updates, PlayStation blocks these updates for your own games with $ 10 payment walls.

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