Elden Ring: Where it takes place

Given the long and illustrious history of fromSoftware Games, it is no surprise that fans of the studio want to learn more about the traditions and the story of the story _ ELDENRING . There are many ways that can be explored to better understand the game, but one of these ways is the aspect of the environment. Players were where _eldenring takes place on the other universe and his supervened setting name. This guide article explains all these details and gives you the facts for setting eldenring.

The surroundings of Elden Ring – fascinating views

No matter if you just start playing through and collecting early game arms or are in the middle of the game and prepare for the next fascinating boss fight, it’s something for everyone, and this is especially true for the setting of eldenring which offers almost everywhere breathtaking views.

The game plays in a kingdom under the “Erdtree”, the big tree that you can watch on your trip anywhere in the world. In particular, the rich self called “The Lands Between” and was once controlled by Queen Marika of the Eternal. The players have asked if the setting has any connections to the Dark Souls Universe, and there are no settings-based connections at the moment. Elden Ring offers players a completely new world that applies to exploring it.

However, there are some other connections to the Dark Souls Universe, eg. B. that certain weapon names are the same, in particular the two-hand sword with the same name from the Dark Souls franchise. Finally, the main setting for eldenring is ‘The Lands Between’ and here the players dare.

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_ ELDENRING _ is now available for players on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One and PC.

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