What is the Guardian raids in Lost Ark?

Guardian raids are multi-level endgam activity, in which up to four players are fighting with the boss-guard. During the raid there is a time limit of 20 minutes, and every time you fought with guardian, it has its own unique mechanic.

Explanation of the raids Lost Ark Guardian

These actions are very similar to other dungeons, such as chaos dungeon . However, the difference between them is that it is strongly recommended to work with a complete command when performing a task. Reid Guardians .

Although the raid can be passed alone, the more players participate, the more rewards becomes affordable. There is also a restriction for individual players in two runs per character per day, and for each missed day, mining doubles with a restriction of five runs.

LOST ARK | What Are Guardian Raids? Endgame Guide & How to Unlock

So, when it comes to unlock the raid of the Guardians and join it, make sure you take with you the best equipment and get ready to fight with huge monsters for such awards, like Stones abilities And also Class Books on engraving What makes it completely worthy. Enjoy every day and do not forget to invite friends!

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