More than 50 bugs corrected after the new Horizon Forbidden West patch

Several weeks passed since the launch of _ Horizon Forbidden West _, but guerrilla games has not yet finished working in this title. Since its debut in February, its developers have implemented several patches to improve the user experience, and the most recent of them corrects more than 50 Bugs and glitches reported by players.

As you are reading this, you can now download the update 1.07 for this game , which as I mentioned a few moments ago, solves all kinds of problems that users have had. However, the quality of the vegetation has also improved, and some errors presented at the time of wanting to finish certain missions.

Update about 100% being broken in Horizon Forbidden West

On the other hand, new tools were also added for the FOT ** mode or. We have a much finer accuracy, better focus, and higher quality with the standard camera. Similarly, a bug was solved that was ruining the photos of the users. Guerrilla promised that they will continue to launch more of these updates, so do not worry.

Editor’s note: It is good to know that guerrilla is committed to improving Forbidden West, even after its launch. The game debuted in a very good condition, but there were a few outstanding mistakes for solving, and their developers already put hands on the construction site.