Pokemon GO: Altered Shape Giratina Return to Raids September 23rd

The altered shape of the legendary Giratina Pokémon is back pokemon Go.

Giratina Altered Forme Raid Guide ⬡ Sept 23 - Oct 17 2019

Pokémon Go announced that Giratina had left its original dimension, the world of distortion, to return to the game. Giratina will return to the raids from Monday, September 23 at 1 pm, Pacific time. Giratina will remain available for raids until Thursday, October 17 at 1 pm

As of September 25, at 18 hours local time, the number of five-star raids will also increase. Giratina will be part of these five star raids. The increase in the number of five-star raids will last only one hour and will end at 7 pm local time.

You can also find and catch a glossy gyratina during the two raids.

Giratina is legendary and comes from the world of distortion, which essentially serves as underground world in the Pokémon universe. It represents all the antimatter in the universe. In a way, he is the antithesis of Arceus, the God of all the Pokémon.

Giratina is a ghost and a dragon, which means it is immunized against normal and combat-type movements. However, it is also low vis-à-vis ghost movements, dragons, ice, darkness and fairy.

There are two forms of Girata – Altered and Origin Form. Altered shape is the giratina that is specifically, states will be available again. Originally Form has the ability to levitate and becomes totally immunized against ground movements.

Giratina Altered Form will resume the Raids Road on September 23, starting at 13 hours, the Pacific Time.