“Lineage 2M” on March 23 s anniversary update “Chronicle V. Blood Main” is decided! Special site is open! Start pre-registration for the latest update! ~

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# 1st Anniversary Update “Chronicle V. Blood Meeting” is decided on March 23 (Wed)! Publish a special site!

# # Special Site Release Date

March 8, 2012 (Tuesday)

# # Special Site URL



Today, a special site of a large update “Chronicle V. Blood Main” has been released.

In the next large update “Chronicle V. Cronicle V. Blood Leave” determined on March 23 (Wednesday), the new weapon species “Crossbow” and Arena Dungeon “Ancient Island” will appear.

You can earn five special “TJ coupons” commemorating the first anniversary.

On March 15 (Tuesday), we plan to publish information about “Crossbow”, “Ancient Island”, “Holy Sugging” and “Past Battlefield / Aden Border Entrance”.

«Preferences of” TJ Coupon “from here»

# Prior to the first anniversary update, we start pre-registration

# # Holding period

March 8, 2022 (Tuesday) -201522, 2022 (Tuesday) until 23:59 (planned)


Prior to the implementation of a large update “Chronicle V. Blood Main”, pre-registration has been started.

By registering a coupon code that can be obtained by performing pre-registration by March 22 (Tuesday), one “Crochirian box (event)”, “a mystical core box (event)” in the game You can receive 14 pieces.

“Chronicle Box (Event)” can be opened after the update on March 23, You can earn (one) (event).

In the “1st Anniversary Hero Class Challenge Executive Class (Event)”, you can choose the desired weapon species, and it will be a special item that can gain rare and hero grade classes. “Mysterious Meeting Box (Event)” can be opened once every 12 hours, and it is possible to acquire consumables useful for adventure.

«Publishing a pre-registered coupon from here»

«Click here for registration of pre-registered coupons»

※ You need to create a character of “Lineage 2M” before pre-registration.

# “The first anniversary! Coupon Registration Campaign” held

# # Holding period

March 8, 2022 (Tuesday) to March 22, 2022 (Tuesday) until 23:59


During the campaign period, we issue coupons from pre-registration page, and present the following products by lottery from inside the person who registered.

· Apple Gift Card or Google Play Gift Code 10,000 yen 5 people

way to participate

  1. Prior registration page (https://lineage2m.ncsoft.jp/lp/202203_preorder) to register and issue coupons

  2. Register coupons in coupon registration page (https://lineage2m.ncsoft.jp/coupon/register)

«Click here for details of” Coupon Registration Campaign “»

# “The 1st Anniversary! Page Share Campaign” held

# # Holding period

March 8, 2022 (Tuesday) to March 22, 2022 (Tuesday) until 23:59


From the person sharing the pre-registration page with Twitter, the following items will be presented for 10 people by lottery.

· “The highest class acquisition ticket (11 times) (event)” 1 piece · “The Best Global Agassion Acquisition Ticket (11 times) (Event)” 1 piece “Soul Store (11 times) (Event) 2 Pieces

way to participate

  1. Follow Lineage 2M Official Twitter (https://twitter.com/lineage2m_JP)

  2. Push the share button to Twitter from the pre-registration page (https://lineage2m.ncsoft.jp/lp/202203_PreOrder)

«Click here for the tweet of” 1st Anniversary! Page Share Campaign “»

# Game Overview

Orthodox successover Mobile remake work of PC online game “Lineage 2” provided by the best graphic.

Achieves the largest seamless open world for mobile games in the new age 3D graphic technology.

It is a game design that can enjoy growth that combines diversity and freedom, and you can experience more than 10,000 people and experience a large battle. Open the door of a new adventure with the fellow of the poles tied by the bond.

# Title information

Title name: Lineage 2m (lineage2m)
Genre: Next Generation Open World RPG
Price: Download Free (Some item charges)
Correspondence Platform: Google Play / App Store / Purple (Purple) (NC-specific Cross Platform)
Development / Operation: NCSOFT
Copyright: (C) NCSOFT CORPORATION. Certain Rights Granted To NC Japan K.K. All Rights Reserved.
Official site: https: //lineage2m.ncsoft.jp/
Purple Official Web: https: //ncpurple.com/
Official Twitter: https: //twitter.com/lineage2m_JP
Official YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/ucbseahpqz6Wrrqq0wqlazdg
Official Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lineage2m.jp
Official LINE @: https: //lin.ee/zenmefd

※ The contents of our press release are as of March 8, 2022. Depending on the various circumstances, you may want to change the schedule.