Elden Ring: 5 tips to get started in this magical adventure

If the accustomed to the Dark Souls series will be able to quickly find some strategies, Elden Ring is nonetheless a work that has its own approach.

The protagonist that one embodies, an undeclared, enters a vast and sorry universe whose nature and architectures have been broken, while an impressive bestiary people beaten by the winds.

And like any game signed from Software, fighting is bitter, often brutal and fast. However, his creator Itedaka Miyazaki – supported by George Rr Martin (Game of Thrones) to lay the grounds – thought of proposing new approaches that are often more beneficial and motivating than in his previous most punitive titles (Sekoo or Bloodborne). Keep Hope Car Elden Ring is a constant invitation to adventure and a breathtaking title.

This is the first step that is offered to you when you launch Elden Ring. And if it is interesting to choose a character to whom you will be attached, it remains unless everyone has its advantages and disadvantages to start. Ten classes you will be offered, each allowing to choose between a man and a woman. Vagabond, warrior, hero, bandit, astrologer, prophet, samurai, prisoner, confessor and melry.

Know at the outset, whatever the class chosen initially the differences you will notice will fade after several dozen hours of adventures, since you can change your character as good. However, if you prefer to spread on magic, it is better to start with a character naturally predisposed for this, and vice versa for a character who will mise up on his physical strength.

Among the most interesting choices, one can raise the astrologer for whom wishes to bet on witchcraft and distance attacks, and the samurai that offers an excellent balance for the duels to the body with its powerful katana and its long bow for operate remotely. The character to avoid in a first part is undoubtedly the mismerist, who starts in the adventure at level 1, without equipment, no armor. Virtually naked, it will have to fight firm from the start.

If it is a forced passage to move in front of the immensity of the plains of Elden Ring, it is to get as quickly as possible a Destrier who will allow to travel quickly and even to take over when your clashes outdoors.. From the name of Torrent, your magic frame will be a kind of spectral horns. To obtain it you must first go through the tutorial phase at the very beginning of the game. When you go out for the first time out, after the crypt of your beginnings, a first backup point (called grace site) to come before you. By observing its yellow light, you will see that it has a bright bow that will tell you the direction to follow.

Watch in the distance and you will see the entrance of a first castle. See you there. You will discover another site of grace just in front of the entrance. Rest on the spot. You will then make the knowledge of Melina, a young woman who will entrust you a whistle to call Torrent. An animal that it is interesting to exploit for some fights especially to mow enemies in full gallop.

If making his first steps in Elden Ring may seem intimidating, the odyssey can be done without too many clashes, so we venture to the right places. We advise you to take advantage of the first hours of play to confront you on the Fretin menu (soldiers, zombies, animals…). The idea here is to recover runes that you can spend then to change your character (experience, equipment…).

Before you start to the first “dungeon”, be sure to equip yourself with a torch. This can be purchased from the first merchant, named Kalé, that you will meet in the church in ruin close to your very first base. The torch will allow you to guide you in global underground. And it falls well because our first tip is to discover a cave that hides on the west coast of your card. Going down on the sand, you can discover the opening of a cave. You can confront relatively simple enemies to slaughter with some small treasures. But where this level is interesting, it’s in the idea of ​​accessing the island visible southwest of the map. You will discover an island without a hostile creature, but the place contains a secret conferring to the dragons, which we let you discover.

Like any good role play, Elden Ring supposes to equip his character at best and especially depending on the enemies and bosses you will face. In your journey you will find several objects, weapons and armor parts especially. All do not mean that they will be useful to you. Do not hesitate to sell them. However, take the time to watch their attributes in your equipment menu. Some may be more efficient to counter the effects of an enemy. Attention also to the protective armor too heavy, they will limit your dods and your dexterity, which can be penalized. Finally, a forge system improves the capabilities of your weapons. An important point that can make a big difference with the same weapon facing a coriace enemy.

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Your actions, your discoveries and your fights will make you win runes. And Elden Ring invites them to spend them carefully, either to change the experience of your hero, or by buying equipment or acquiring special skills or strengthen your weapons. From your first wins won, it is important to go to the different backup points (grace site) that you have crossed to spend your runes to increase the experience of your character (it’s up to you to choose which point you want to optimize).

The idea here is not to lose your achievements, because all the runes you win can be lost on the way if you are overwhelmed by an enemy. Before going to face a boss think about going to spend the runes and save, otherwise they will stay in his between what will force you to go for them on the spot.

Elden Ring, Bandai Namco, February 25, 2022 on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series, Xbox One and PC.