What Void 3 does in Roblox Bedwars?

Bedwares Roblox were never the same after the introduction of the Char in the main game, as they completely changed the players approach to the middle and the end of the game. Although most Char are great, one particular spell is distinguished among the others due to its unique strength. It is nothing but the enchantion of emptiness. Many know that the enchantion of emptiness can curse enemies . But I can not understand how it works. So, here is the detailed guide explaining all about the chars of emptiness.


What is the enchantion of emptiness?

Enchanting emptiness is one of eight spells in Roblox Bedwars. It can be obtained across the desktop, paying 4 Emerad . This is the only involvement throughout the list that is exclusive. Level 3 Charas. This means that he does not have the 1st or 2 level.

How does the Empty Enchanting work?

After you purchased the chairs of the abyss, you can now curse enemies. To do this, attack any opponents using any weapon according to your choice. It will not apply additional damage to such enemies as static or fire Charas. Instead, the imposed curse will grow on your head of your opponent with every blow and instantly kill him as soon as he approaches. 20 hp . Because of this, the curse plays a vital role during battles in the middle of the game, as you can easily grasp.

The best way to use the enchantment of the abyss is to connect it with a set of barbar, as you can easily quickly get the RageBlade by enchancing.

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