Elden Ring: So you get a super strong sword, without a single fight

If you are starting with Elden Ring, you can follow the tips from our guide and first block the different corners in the starting area. Or you can run to the location of a really strong sword, without having to defeat a single opponent. To be able to use it effectively, however, you have to complete a few fights and ascend in the level. But there is also a trick.

Refreshed to Liurnia Travel

It’s about it: The sword of the night and the flame will meet its complex name, because it does not just cause physical damage, but also has strong fire and magic attacks. It is to be found in the second area Liurnia in Haus Caria , which is freely accessible from the beginning, if you know how to get there.

Go to Liurnia: To get to Liurnia, north of Limgrave, you do not have to pass the area bosses in Schloss Sturmschleg. You can easily leave them left and ride through the big bridge instead. Your spectral ross should be absolutely intended for the long distance.

You get to a broken bridge, but to your left leads a path over scree. From there you just follow the way until you reach a “place of grace”. You just ride past the enemies that meet you.

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House Caria

Now you have to cross a large part of the region. It follows in the northwest direction the places of grace through the huge lake, on the left past the big castle, the Academy of Raya Lucaria.

Then you go back to the mainland and continues your way to the north. Finally, you reach a big property, the Haus Caria . Beware of the last meters in front of the massive magic attacks shooting out of the sky!

In front of the house, she also meets especially nasty opponents, which sometimes come out of the ground. So do not stop. Go through the big archway to the building until you come to a staircase. Now you can go into the house and go to a place of grace to a place.

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If the building now leaves the way over the wall, goes to the first tower on the left, on the second right. Then you have to jump to the flat roof of a nearby but lower tower before the next tower and repeat the same on the other side. There you meet a ladder. Rising down and you are in the room with the chest in which the sword is located.




Use and improve sword

In order to effectively use the sword of the night and the flame, it needs a wisdom value of 24 and a faithful value of 24, as well as skill and strength ever on 12. To levels, you can defeat miniboses in the first area or it You – as described in our guide \ – make it easier to make and fast runes.

If you want to improve the sword as well, you need dark forged stones that can collect your very close to the site, namely in the crystal tunnel of Raya Lucaria . If you have the map fragment for Liurnia, you see the symbol for a face on the map southeast. In order to go there, you have to go through the lake again, this time in eastern direction. In the face you will find different dark forgings in chests and white crystals.

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