NBA News: Bradley Beal probably tends to extension with the Washington Wizards

Bradley Beal tends to sign a lucrative contract extension at Washington Wizards in the upcoming offseason. This confirmed the 28-year-old on Thursday. He does not want to rupture his decision.

“You can say that so,” Beal replied in a media round to the question of whether to tend to sign a new contract in Washington in Free Agency 2022.

Brian Windhorst says it's a no-brainer that the Wizards will sign Bradley Beal to the max deal
Should he reject his player option for the coming season ($ 36.4 million), which is considered likely, he could sign a new working paper over 5 years and $ 246 million at the Wizards.

After surgery on the left wrist, the three-time all star will miss the complete remaining season. “So crazy that sounds, but that was happiness in misfortune. Because now I can watch our team closely. I see how our young players and our coach [Wes Unsil Jr.] develop. I can see how the team grows “Beal explained. “So I do not have to rush my decision.”

Due to the total disappointing season – Washington stands with 28 wins at 33 defeats only in eleven in the east, but at least the play-in tournament in view – in the weeks before the Trade Deadline always circulated rumors, whether BEAL on the Market could be available. But Washington had always emphasized that the team continues to build around the guard, and BEAL itself has not brought a change so far.

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He explained that he with team owners Ted Leonsis and General Manager Tommy Sheppard a good relationship care. At the same time, for him, the opportunity to win but also the crucial factor in his free Agency decision: “This becomes an important summer. I’m looking forward to Ted and Tommy as well.”

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In front of the Trade Deadline, the Wizards in a deal with the Dallas Mavericks already secured the services of Kristaps Porzingis. Beal seems to eat the trade: “He’s unicorn. He is definitely unique in many ways. I am pleased to see him on the court. He can be something very special.”