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At the domestic and abroad from home and abroad to “Dark Soul 3” “Dead-to-date. Has the cherry blossoms bloomed

At “Dark Souls III (Dark Soul 3)” “Including to study every time you died in the game” video distributor is now a topic in Japan and overseas. However, the center of the part of the topic seems to be in a state that can not be grasped.

“DARK SOULS III” is the third of the Full Software Action RPG Series “Dark Seoul”. It is characterized by a game design based on trial and errors, as often referred to as “high difficulty”. In addition to character reinforcement elements, it is a style that gets difficult to overcome the player’s learning and search. “Elden Ring” currently popular is also a series of the series.

Such a highly difficultly difficult “Dark Souls III” was challenged to impose issues “Studying for 10 hours each time you die.” It is Matador of the video distribor. His goal is the entrance exam rating of the University of Tokyo, which is a narrow gate in Japan’s highest school. He also has a strict condition and challenged the same work as he also improved academic ability. The challenge was released at Nico Nico Douga, and the support of the viewers was received. However, a series of challenges itself has been started since around 2016 and it seems to have been continued for a while.

However, the situation can not be seen now. That is, Matador is currently deleting all the videos and has also been deleted about his own Twitter account. There was no appearance that he was being revealed from he for the reason for deletion. Given that the deletion is a very recent point, it may be related to the attention that has suddenly gathered.

On February 28, this year, a movie introduction with a Nico Nico Douga Official Twitter account “Game and the Society” introduces Matador’s “Dark Souls III” video. Despite the relatively old videos such as collecting over 30,000 retweets, it was focused rapidly. The timing of deletion will have such sudden response. But the response is not cold, and the overseas media Gamesradar + will introduce Mr. Matador’s challenge on March 2.

As many as the video has disappeared, we have no choice but to follow the footprints such as fan comments and screenshots on SNS, to know the contents of Mr. Matador’s challenge. According to the tweets of the Game and the Society, Mr. Matador was a second grader high school at the time of challenging. He seems to have been distributing for both “Dark Souls III” clear and the University of Tokyo. He will not feel that the study time seems to be reducing when the game is upgraded, but it seems that he was working hard with the viewers. He seems to have received comments such as “You Study” with the death message “You Died” of the same work each time he died.

And I’m worried about the success or failure of the University of Matador. Although I could not grabb it, but on Twitter, on April 3, 2018, a warm reply is seen “Please pass to Tokyo University,” for Matador. Matador has started challenges in 2016, and he would be a high school two years. Where these information meant is probably a romantic. On the other hand, according to the comments of the viewer, Matador was not receiving the University of Tokyo, but he passed as a national university somewhere successfully after the wonman. If he has cleared “Dark Souls III”, what would you study, he seemed to be worried.

On Twitter, there is a voice that sparks a trajectory of Matador’s challenge. Although I can not see a struggle anymore, he wanted to pray that he has been sending a fulfilling every day to academic. I have studied every time you die at “Elden Ring” now.

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