Shadow Warrior 3 in the test: a wild ride in the wrong direction

You do not experience that either every day: Flying Wild puts himself so really in the stuff and developed with Shadow Warrior 2 a shooter, which goes far beyond the first part. Instead of a linear burner, there are sudden role-playing elements and random levels, tons of weapons and upgrades, even a modern coop mode for four players is on board. Some fans go the many innovations too far, others love it – and make Shadow Warrior 2 a real surprise hit. Six years later, Shadow Warrior 3 comes around the corner – and throws everything overboard. Shadow Warrior 3 is another game instead of building on old successes, you want to emulate Doom Eternal this time. Arrow-fast, powerful struggles provide great moments, but many old strengths remain on the track. The whole thing is still fun, but just fans The predecessors should be well superior to the purchase – especially since the game is extremely short.

Note in our own thing: Our test video is in progress and is expected to be ready today to the release.

Unreaching end

Good stories have never been a strength of the series, but the third part loses a new low point here. The story builds loosely to the sloping end of part 2, in which serial hero Lo Wang unleashed any mythical dragon. This giant cattle is now going to destroy the world and Lo Wang should stop it – and that’s basically the complete action. There are no real rogues, no exciting twists, no surprises. Although two old acquaintances return to Hoji and Zilla, the Wang accompany the Wang on his overlooked ASIA trip, but the saving the breath-thin plot no longer. Except for another, completely unimportant side character that was actually the complete cast, there is no more characters. The conversations are always in the circle and in the end you do not even have the feeling of really moving a lot.

Shadow Warrior 3 in the test Source: PC Games Of course, Wang’s special humor returns, for which a new English spokesman must now put into stuff (which has caused heavy controversy in some circles). However, most GAGs paved without effect, really funny Shadow Warrior 3 (Buy Now 44.99 €) Never. In the way, however, the predecessors were more of a taste issue. If you can laugh about it, if the game grew from morning to late with such sayings, you will also come to your costs in Shadow Warrior 3.

Colorful slaughter

The hunting of the dragon leads Wang through colorful, strictly linear levels, all of which put on an Asian-embossed fantasy style. More realistic urban environments or even sci-fi scene as in the predecessors, this time is not available. During the design, heights and depths show up, some levels are empty and interchangeable, while others shine with beautiful panoramas and atmospheric lighting. Clearly beautiful than the predecessor Shadow Warrior 3 is not, but some effects (especially the water representation) have even failed the time ago. The chic destructive effects from Part 2 can not be looked at. Clean environment textures, massive particles and great opponent animations, these deficiencies are similar again, but one should not expect a graphic firework. However, it is necessary to ensure that the technology in the test has a decent picture: the performance remained liquid from start to finish liquid and rough bugs have never noticed us. So if you fear a worry child like Serious Sam 4, which is digitally distributed exactly like Shadow Warrior 3 by Devolver, can be calmed down completely.
The dynamic fights are the highlight of Shadow Warrior 3. Source: PC Games

Gymnastics for beginners

The random levels from the second part have been exhausted, everything is handmade again here. Nevertheless, after a few hours, the first signs of wear, because the basic construction is always the same: mostly you only move from a combat arena to the next, in between are only countless jump and climbing deposits waiting for you. Just like in Doom Eternal, Wang can perform a double jump and a dash in the air, besides, he crashes up to green tendrils or uses them for a casual wallrun. The parkour sections play beautiful liquid, but also idiot-proof. This is especially true for the generic gripping hook, which Wang is in the second level and with which it can swing exclusively on green-shimmering rings. The thing goes well from the hand, but offers zero challenge and is barely noticeable in the fighting.

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Nevertheless, Wang’s new mobility is used extensively, many levels are vertically built and let the large-scale heroes in dizzying heights on abysses. Also a sequence in which we can over a raft a tearing waters, ensures short thrills. It’s a pity that such moments are so rare.
With the gripping hook you quickly get from an Arena to the next. Source: PC Games

Doom would be proud

But the heart of Shadow Warrior 3 are the fights anyway, at the latest here the Doom influences are no longer denying. The developers regularly lock themselves in larger arenas and then let go of several monster waves on you. You have to be constantly moving, how to dodge wildly through Dash or bring you to safety with the gripping hook, regularly pick up life and ammunition, and throwing the opponent horders together. This is great and is really fun for the beginning, even if the impression over time wears something.
Shadow Warrior 3 in the test Source: PC Games Disappointing: The huge weapon arsenal from Shadow Warrior 2 was evaporated. This time you only get six knears and your proven Katana in your hands. The sword is still valuable in melee, but occupies a significantly smaller role compared to the firearms. The creaking feels nicely powerful, especially the shotgun, which literally tears up some enemies the chest. Another weapon produces an arrow-fast energy folding, which is so strong that it shoots whole holes through the monster body. And the Shuriken Werfer fires small blades that plow like saw blades through smaller opponents – very satisfying. Each weapon can also be upgraded in three stages, to collect silver balls on the go, which serve you as an upgrade currency. Alternatively, you can also fulfill a number of challenges, for example, do ten enemies with exploding barrels or achieve 25 head goals – even there’s the coveted balls. Money and experience points do not play a role anymore.
With the Shuriken Werfer we make groups of light opponents easily. Source: PC Games Every now and then there are also ambient traps in the arenas for which you have to activate huge switches. Then, for example, you can lock deadly rollers or a hatch in the ground is open. That’s nice, but can not prevent the action from losing at stimulus after a while. Only the aberrated adversaries will then provide a variety, because in the bright colored enemy design, the developers have ruled out: there are living cannons that protect themselves with golden masks, giggling accordion covers that hobble like wild through the levels and with us Exploding confetti chicken, flying samurai zombies or lightning fast swordsters that ward off our ball hail and fantastically animated by the levels whirl.

And if someone asks if the figures would not be in good hands in a Serious Sam: there is really an opponent type in Shadow Warrior 3, which brings to us screaming and hunting in the air. The headless KamikzaBomber greet beautiful greetings. Incidentally, human enemies are no longer available, even the random intermediate bosses were deleted. There are only two big boss bosses, which are better than nothing, but unfortunately no real highlights. Thus, Shadow Warrior 3 is at least in good company – after all, Doom Eternal has failed to put a cool closing fight on the legs.

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Short fun

When Lo Wang upholds enough enemies, he receives energy points, which he can then use for a bloody finishing move. Even nuclear opponents are on a hit flat, and every finisher brings a special bonus: Simple Ninja demons give us a strong lifestyle, other creates an ice grenats or a seeking eye that automatically attacks opponents. Some enemies even throw away special weapons, which we can then use for a short time, including a heavy double-gun, a cool giant drill or a powerful giant sword. That brings some spice in the fighting!
With the CHI pressure wave, your enemy attacks can interrupt. Source: PC Games Of the extensive upgrade systems of the two predecessor games, however, there is hardly anything left. In addition to the silver balls for weapons, you can only search the levels for violet pearls, with which you then unlock a few passive bonuses – more lifestyles, more ammunition, something in style. In addition, Wang can still trigger a CHI pressure shaft with which He brings enemies into stumbling, attacks interrupting or exposing weaknesses.

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Unfortunately Shadow Warrior 3 unfortunately does not have to offer, which also explains the lowest extent: about six hours you can plan for the complete experience, after which there are hardly reasons to start a second round. Also a coop mode was saved this time, Shadow Warrior 3 is a pure single player track for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. The game will be published on 1 March 2022 with German texts and English speech issues. The price is 45 euros – these are around ten euros more than for the predecessor.

Note: Only the PC version was available for the test.

Shadow Warrior 3 (PC)


Pro Contra

Rasing fast, fun action
Volly weapons with hearty hit feedback
Liquid control
Some pretty environments
Atmospheric music accompaniment
Chic animated opponents

Shadow Warrior 3 Review - The Final Verdict
Unithegial parking tour and jump inserts
Shrill enemy design sometimes too much of the good
Many features from Part 2 canceled without replacement
With about 6 hours playing time pretty short
Graphically partially outdated
Gameplay Loop uses quickly
Little exploration forces or secrets
Barely playing value, but a smoke price
Taste question: The humor


My opinion

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Less is not always more: Shadow Warrior 3 is fun, but goes into the wrong direction

I would ignore the predecessors and Shadow Warrior 3 only on his battles would probably be a higher rating in it. For even though the shootings are generous with Doom Eternal, the developers make their great role model all honor: Wild pace, rich hit feedback, merciless enemies and high mobility – with these ingredients, especially in the first hours is really fun. You do not want to think big, but just wipe the ground with a few monsters? Then Shadow is Warrior 3 your game. But so much mood to me the colorful baller, it’s just not enough: the parkour sections are far too simple knitted, the leveldesign is too monotonous, the gags too shallow, the story to hollow, the weapons selection too small. The developers were so busy with them to relieve the innovations from Shadow Warrior 2 again that they are shot beyond the target for my taste. That does not feel like a successor, more like a mix of Doom, Serious Sam and Deadpool, embedded in an Asia fantasy setting. Since the predecessor really liked me better. As a harmless baller snack, Shadow Warrior 3 will certainly find his fans, but better no game expects you to remember for a long time.

Shadow Warrior 3 is not the only action game of Flying Wild Hog this year, even Evil West should also appear 2022. The vampire hunter game promises testosteroned third-person action with a co-op mode, lots of pixel blood and cool wild west horror setting. Shadow Warrior 3 was also part of our big video outlook on the most important PC games 2022. You find the complete special here.

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