Elden Ring: Tear of life, where to find them

Elden Ring - 6 of The Strongest Legendary & Epic Weapons and How To Find Them (Elden Ring Tips)
Many secrets are hiding in the realm of warehouse. The Sans-Eclat will have to find them to hope to become the Lord of Elden and confront the different monsters who will stand on his way. In elden Ring, potions are an essential tool for survival, and their effectiveness can be improved thanks to a tear of life . The latter are scattered throughout the kingdom, and quickly put the hand on it can be a considerable advantage.

Location of tears of life in ELDEN RING

In total, 8 tears of life are hiding in the widespread, each to improve the efficiency of life potions and Mana. But every tear of life of ELDEN Ring Earth in nooks not always obvious to find. Fortunately, all are at the foot of a different statue, making them more easily identifiable.


LIURNA, lacteur

Altus tray


You can now go in search of all the golden seeds. Each tear of life Increases the capability of the vials in elden ring, it is better not to miss them. However, they are not the only secrets you will find on your way, and it will be necessary to be patient for all finding them.