Eight things I would like to know before I played Elden Ring

From software games are usually very difficult and Elden Ring continues this tradition confidently. With the change to an open world there are even more ways to get lost, and many tricky enemies that can stumble over. There is a better way to get up for your trip to Lands Between than with eight Elden Ring Tips and Tricks.

Although it may seem quite similar to the Souls games that from Software previously developed, Elden Ring brings his players a huge amount of new content and systems that – if not known – can make the already challenging experience even more difficult. With this guide you are well prepared to tackle the merciless early game of Elden Ring and avoid some of the most common mistakes.

So continue reading to find out which eight things I would like to know before I games Elden Ring, and get a lead in the race to become the next Elden Lord or the next Elden Lady.

Jumping is good

10 Things You Should Know Before Playing Elden Ring
It’s a bit silly at the beginning, but it must be emphasized how important – and openly fun – the jumping in Elden Ring is. It was always something that would try and avoid in earlier souls games at any prize because they do the probability that they do the entry wrong and fall to their demise, but on the contrary, now it feels so natural.

Jumping attacks cause more super-armor damage, and both the open field and the legacy dungeons are specially designed to find hidden paths and treasures by clever platforming. It can be difficult to integrate the initially in your style of play, but if you have done it once, you will never turn back.

Use the variety of battle

The attacks that would often run them in previous from software games are standard R1 attacks as they combined shorter, less punitive animation windows with a generally higher DPS as R2 and L2 attacks. With the introduction of the super armor from Elden Ring – a system that is similar to the Sekiro’s posture – you will be rewarded much more for the slower, heavier and riskier attacks.

Of course, it feels like to follow the rhythm of role of R1 when one touches with a hard boss, but in elden ring, they put them with heavy blows, jump attacks and wax counters in a much stronger position to land critical hits and the Hearest enemies to beat.

Go where you do your eyes

It can be quite overwhelming in a game like Elden Ring, if you have overarching goals, like killing Elden Ring-Bossen, but other things are on the way to the eye. They pass a church, an uncanny-looking enemy or even a huge turtle-like thing with a bell underneath, but they feel committed to their original destination. Pro tip: Do not feel like that.

It can take a while until they tremble, but they feel obligated for nothing, unless they find it really important. Pull your eyes off your mind and pull yourself to all attractions that the true circus that the Lands Between has to offer to offer.

Use card markings

Speaking of wherever your eyes will guide you, one of the most important things you can do to facilitate this freedom of exploration is to fully exploit the card markers. We are too accustomed to visualizing Souls games completely in our heads, knowing what is behind every corner and where every NPC and every important thing is, but Elden Ring is honestly too big for it.

Next time you see something cool or encounter something important, like a patch statue or a dealer, mark it on the map. Trust me, in the future you will not regret it.

Classes are not really important

The first screen to which you are greeted when you click on “New Game” in Elden Ring is the familiar screen for class selection. It can be a difficult decision that you theoretically integrate into a game style. You could also argue that there is a best class in Elden Ring, but on the whole, it does not matter.

The view of full Dex with two scimitars may respond now, but in five hours you may find the coolest giant sword you’ve ever seen, or a spell that can rain from the sky, and you can not resist a shock. Choose the best possible class to give you as much room to experiment as you like.

Diary is important

That may seem super lame the cool kids at school, but leading a diary or a kind of diary is extremely practical if you try to keep up with all the new information you will discover. If you have not held crisis meticulously with the tradition before the publication, an index of important characters mentioned characters, places and events is a great way to get lost – especially if the names of half of the main characters seem to start “M” “or “God”.

In addition, like the card markings, it may be helpful to remember things that you have to come back, or things that happen only at certain times of the day, so you can walk to your heart’s content.

Do not be stubborn to chefs

We all know these moments, in which it seems impossible to defeat a boss. They always try it in vain until they finally throw away the controller and take a break from the game itself.

While it was never so easy to hit theoretically with her head against a boss-shaped wall because there are practical checkpoints right in front of the boss arenas, Elden Ring offers you the best opportunity to reverse and do something completely different.

You will probably encounter an Elden Ring Boss in the early game, which will bring you into this situation, but the great is that even the starting area itself is huge and offers you many opportunities, aspects, to find better equipment or just do something Other that does not die for the 400th time.

Use precharge

The last thing I would like to know before I played Elden Ring – and something that will help you when you are the guy who ignores the last tip – is that the summon of the ghost asheet is really really useful.

Summons have a slightly bad reputation, with the screams of “Git Gud” in their ear as soon as their partner arrives in the fight, but they are extended slightly in Elden Ring. Not only do you have the traditional conjoining signs for individual cases outside of bosslands, but now also ghost averages – a reusable object that brings a whole series of characters to fight at their side.

Do you want to fight for a collection of jellyfish? Or maybe a giant with a golden pumpkin on the head? Elden Ring has covered it. They help to compensate for the chances in many of the unequal battles on open field, and can make the small difference if they really fight with a boss without being overwhelmed. Do not buckle, join the summon page.

So these are all eight things I would like to know before I played Elden Ring. Hopefully you can help these Elden Ring Tips to quickly get started and avoiding early stumbling traps. However, if you still have problems or just want to be prepared as well as possible on the Lands Between, you definitely read our elden ring complete solution for all our other guides.

Happy explorer, clouded.