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Warcraft 3: Reforged holds the shot, but at a cost

When you think of a classic real-time strategy game, Warcraft 3 slips it most often in the discussion. The original 2002 title had a fascinating story where different factions have grouped together to combat a malefic horde of demons, new alliances are formed and friends betray themselves in an attempt to do the right thing.

It is logical that the developer Blizzard addresses the idea of ​​removing the classic game to see how it could hold with updated graphics and modify the stories to adapt to the new traditional changes it has made over the years From WORLD OF WARCRAFT. With a robust and never aging gameplay, the attempt is obvious.

However, there is a bitter taste at the back of the mouth of the fans during playback. This is not the reminder of nostalgia, but the thought of how blizzard has marketed and returned to some of its initial promises. There were plans for updated user interface service, new cinematics and additional services, but they have not managed to cross the delivered product, and these are important factors to consider even in review.

The complicated story of many

Warcraft 3: Refrigerated tells the story of a proud prince and paladin who falls, becoming the thing he wanted to destroy, for the greatest good. His actions forced others to get up and face the forces of evil. This overwhelming confrontation forced alliances that still had blurred lines after that, and despite the coalition, many could not forget who they were and their morals.

We live this climate tale from the point of view of four different factions: humans, orcs, night elves and undead. These factions remain the nail of the campaign because they must finally put aside their differences to deal with a much more evil force that grows in the country: the return of the ardent legion, a horde of demons resolved to clean the world of all the world.

REFORED’S The graphics updated highlight the short kinematics of the game, especially with the brand new models of characters. However, there is nothing revolutionary here. For those who have already seen it, it offers more of the same thing, while those who can experience it for the first time enter a world created 20 years ago, which is always fun to revisit.

Warcraft never changes

The formula remains the same in RTS, where you use your employees to gather resources, build buildings, repair buildings and handle all simple groan work. You have units from specialty structures and access higher and stronger level units as you improve your base.

There is a synergy between the number of workers you need to affect to work for you and how you want to complete your army. The units of the four factions have different objectives, each feeling different from the other. Dynamic changes when you switch from one faction to another are discordant but easy to grasp playing through the campaign.

After entering the basics of the history campaign, you can go on the online scene to fight players in classified games or custom games with your friends. Personalized matches offer a variety of campaign playing cards, the Frozen Throne DLC, unique scenarios, and you can download yours. There is a lot to do here as long as you are not bored too much to fight the IA or crush your friends.

The big differences (and sometimes disappointing)

Death of a Game: Warcraft III Reforged

When you resolve warcraft 3: refurbished, the significant differences that appear immediately are the net and reformed graphics. The character models are radically different, and when you zoom in while you play to watch them move and fight, they look fantastic. They are the big draw of all that.

It is important to remember, however, that in 2018, Blizzard showed distinct images of what players could expect from the remastered game in the future. Rather than the usual descending perspectives of critical moments, Blizzard had initially planned to zoom in to make these interactions more dynamic and focus on new models.

Instead, players received image reconstruction by image of the original scenes. Not much had changed. Even the promised update user interface has not been retained for the final cup.

It is depreciating that fans are disappointed and much more accurate to point out that many of them have first pre-ordered reforged in 2018, they are furious and feel betrayed by what they have received.

Other differences, smaller, include balancing units and quality of life changes so that battles take place earlier, and for players create more massive armies to face. But if that’s what Blizzard takes for a final product, it’s hard to justify such a considerable marketing threshing for some returns, especially for fans back.

A strong and engaging reconstitution that falls flat because of marketing

Overall, if you have never played warcraft 3, refurbished is a great way to try it. It offers an accessible campaign with an engaging history in which you can pulling your teeth. If you have friends playing the game, jumping in an online game is effortless, and fighting the factions of the IA, or against each other, is a good time.

For those who were initially excited by Blizzard years ago, it is understandable that the final product may seem dull, despite updated graphics and small adjustments. There are several promises that society has never held and this gives the impression that the result is a step in the wrong direction. Many on Reddit and Blizzard forums have made their opinion known, and many are asking for their refund.

Despite the bad marketing, warcraft 3: refurbished is a great way to replay the classic RTS game with an updated look, even if it does not include everything that has been promised.

Disclosure: Our code for Warcraft 3: Reforged has been supplied with the kind permission of blizzard