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Destiny 2: How to get Witch Queen reservation bonus items

The last expansion of Destiny 2, The Witch Queen, has arrived, commissioned the Guardians to take the fight to Savathun in his Throne World in a part of the content of the campaign. The expansion also establishes some new limits of power, presents a new incursion and, of course, gets a lot of new exotic equipment. For those who ordered in advance immediately, they will also have some bonus objects by reservation of Destiny 2 Witch Queen can get immediately after logging into the servers, and this is what they are and how to obtain them.

What are bonus articles for early order?

There are three elements in the game to which all the players who have reserved Destiny 2 Witch Queen will have access. These are:

  • Cosmographicum exotic ghost housing
  • The Exotic Gesture Enigma
  • A new legendary emblem .

How to get bonus articles by Witch Queen advance order

As Bungie pointed out on his official help page, bonus items by anticipated order can be obtained immediately after logging in at Destiny 2 addressing the Rahool master in the tower, or for the new players, Shaw Han in the cosmodrome.

The Master Rahool can be found immediately to the right of where they appear in the central location of the tower. For those less experienced guardians, it is also the NPC that you have visited to decipher your grams for weapons and armor.

If, for some reason, Rahool or Shaw Han do not have the Witch Queen preorden bonus items at the time you log in, try again a little later. Destiny 2 servers are absolutely replete at this time, so there may be a very small delay in the implementation of the bonus elements.

That’s all you need to know about How to get your Witch Queen reserve bonuses at Destiny 2 . Now go and take the fight to Savathun, guardians.

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