Horizon Forbidden West: How to improve weapons

Your arsenal in Horizon Forbidden West is incredibly important to maintain, although there are certainly weapons that can be found in nature that could be better, you can always improve. We are here to help you with How to improve weapons at Horizon Forbidden West .

How to update the weapons at Horizon Forbidden West

The easiest place to improve weapons (at least at the beginning of the game) will not be available until you first enter Chainscrape, which is unlocked after going through Daunt and completing the main mission to The Brink.

While when you first enter ChainsCrape you can not use any provider, the workbench will be available to use everything you want. Later in the game, there will be work banks throughout the map, not only in designated settlements.

Each rarity of a weapon increases the number of possible updates. Green weapons only get three updates, blue has four, purple and legendary weapons have five possible updates.

How to update the weapons at Horizon Forbidden West

  • Find a workbench and press the triangle to open the Workbench menu.

  • In this menu, select Weapons Improvements.

  • Select the weapon you want to update.

  • From here, you can hold X if you have the necessary materials and also verify the other update levels to make sure you have the materials.

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  • If you do not have the materials for the next update, the badge will be red so you can know at a glance that you can not get the update.

That’s all you need to know for How to improve weapons at Horizon Forbidden West Meridian Savior Companions.

To get more guides, tips and tricks, be sure to visit our Wiki from the Horizon Forbidden West guide. For some guides you can consult, there is some help with the machine housing at the beginning or a guide to get those sand medals.

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