CSGO: A bet to the Wayne Shaw that left Navi stopped at IEM Katowice 2022

Natus Vincere was pointed out by attacking the competitive integrity of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. This as a result of a bet that appeared on social networks and was present in the match against Fury in Group B of IEM Katowice 2022 .

The facts passed unnoticed at the time, however, cis: Gone he recapited everything in a Medium article. On February 16, the CMART commentator published a screenshot with a bet he made in one of the Navi sponsors. He put money on the table in case those of Oleksandr “S1MPLE” KOSTYLIEV bought an M249 against any competition rival. Next to the Cash Prize, the CS: Go commentator promised to tattoo the weapon, the logo of the organization and its members. There was a 501: 1 probability for $ 20 USD, as well as being almost impossible since it never appeared in the group’s games.

The publication of CMART reached the ears of Konstantin “Leniniw” Sivko . The commentator interacted asking “But what if it happens?” , but no more. Days later, on February 19, Navi played against fury in the second round of the Top Group B key. The first map of him was Mirage, which ended with a broad difference in favor of S1MPLE. One of the rounds caught the attention of many: Ilya “perfect” Zalutskiy bought the M249 , but he threw it at the moment. He already had an AK47, it was not necessary to make the purchase. The team’s account took screenshot and published with the message “We will leave this around here” .

It was not a bad click, either of a tactic. Perfect spent some money at M249 for, somehow, fulfill the bet without knowing it. Something similar happened in the sport near 2017, with the goalkeeper Wayne Shaw eating a sandwich at an official meeting against Arsenal. There was a bet on whether he would eat one or not, with probability 8: 1. Shaw admitted to hear from it, receiving a penalty of two months and a fine of £ 375 pounds by the soccer association.

In a publication in Telegram, Leniniw discussed about what happened and put his hands on the fire per perfect (via Cybersport). He assures that he did not intend to favor the Bet of CMART , so he does not deserve a competitive sanction; He did not even know about her existence. According to him, it was something to follow Twitter’s playretrette, but never intended to go against competitive integrity.

With M249 or No, Navi has an appointment on February 26 at the semifinal of IEM Katowice 2022. It will subtract see if ESL or Valve takes letters in the matter.