A new record achievement of the number of facings to continue to walk steadily-Implement a new game mechanics and stage with the next Apde

The number of simultaneous connection players for PONCLE production 2D casual rogue light “ VAMPIRE SURVIVORS ” was at least 77,000, and the new records ** in the same work were established.

This work is a casual shooting rogue game with a viewpoint. Both the simpler first impression and the high replay property coming from the calculated game design, “one more game, only 30 minutes, so it’s only 30 minutes…”, while saying it, it is addictive and topic to play many times It is a work that is collected.

Since I started early access in December last year, it has been steadily evaluated and the number of players, but yesterday, it was a new record of 77,061 simultaneous connections (Steam DB check) on February 20 rice field. This number approaches the current “Rainbow Six Seas” that keeps the year 7 season 1 “Demon Veil”.

How to come up with good game mechanics

“Vampire Survivors” continues to grow steadily is under early access to PC (STeam). PONCLE is also a design that plans to implement the next update 0.3.0 “new game mechanics and new stage, including different layouts and enemies.”