Switch crisis ahead? Nintendo stands in front of a big problem

The hardware bottleneck goes to Nintendo not without a trace. Thanks to the chip crisis, the manufacturing costs of the switch consoles increase – that was now a surprisingly known during a question round. But will this also affect the selling price of the popular handheld console?

Nintendo Switch: Console production cost

Although the Nintendo Switch is already celebrating its fifth birthday in a few weeks, the small handheld console is far from the old iron. Only recently Nintendo announced that now one sold more than 100 million consoles and thus even overtaken the in-house Wii. The switch seems to be a true gold soul.

The NEW Nintendo Switch OLEDs have a BIG Problem!

But it looks almost as if the hardware crisis could ensure that this sheet turns slowly. During a question round after the presentation of the current business figures, the question arose how Nintendo deals with the current situation – and what exactly it is for production effects through the bottleneck . Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa expressed itself as follows:

“The Nintendo Switch was launched a few years ago, and we have continued to work
Reduce production costs – but But the most recent bottlenecks in the components have increased them.

(…) If the costs remain at the current level in the next fiscal year, we expect that they affect gross profit. (…) Unless the situation changes dramatically, we do not expect an improvement in profitability in the next fiscal year and beyond **.

However, these cost increases have no influence on our production plans, and we will continue to produce the required amount ** to satisfy demand. “

(Source: Nintendo)

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Is the Nintendo Switch now expensive?

Even if the production costs for the Nintendo Switch increase, it is not necessary to increase that Nintendo will increase sales prices. Finally, the company decreased only a few months ago the RRP of the Handheld Console in this country from 329.99 to 299.99 euros.