Sexism Double Moral at Lost Ark Annies Asmongold

Shortly after the launch of Lost Ark in the Western regions, a heated sexism debate is burned around the MMORPG by SmileGate. Many players reported to speak in recent days and complained about the very revealed apparel of female play classes. The extremely climbing animations , for example, while walking in the crossfire of criticism. However, the popular streamer Asmongold is visibly annoyed by this debate.

That disturbs asmongold at the sexism debate from Lost Ark

During a recently held Livestream, where ASMONDOLD was just about playing Lost Ark with his warrior, the sexism theme came up in the game. The streamer responded visibly annoyed, rather he made his personal view very clearly.

_ “I think it’s funny that it’s kind of damn okay and never questioned that my character looks like a damn Mr. Olympia. Look at him! He is a damn huge bodybuilder, with perfect hair, a flawless Face. He is a nearly two meter Giga Chad. But in the moment a female character has larger breasts than a D-basket, people say ‘oh my God, we can stop objectifying?’ STFU! “_


GAME RUINED! Asmongold Reacts to CENSORED Lost Ark | by LOWE
Double morale in the sexism debate? [/ H2] Ultimately Asmongold represents these people a certain double-moral , which are offset in female characters in bright excitement, but not a single word, but also exaggerated representations of male characters. He does not have a problem with it. He was even sure that there were some female players who would like to play with sexy characters .

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