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Spider-Man No Way Home Discover the True SpiderVee with 7 Spider

Spider-Man: No Way Home , among other things, hAndrew Garfield been the entrance door to the big Multiverse of Marvel to the UCM, with the most outstanding presence of the three cinematographic spider-man so far, it is Say, Tobey Maguire of Sam Raimi’s saga, Andrew Garfield of the Saga the Amazing Spider-Man and Tom Holland of the UCM. And although Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures have already published official images of the film with the three actors together, now a new unpublished photo of the film filming set is reached in which we see up seven spider-man together ; Yes, seven.

Spider-Man No Way Home Final Battle CAMEOS Breakdown!

the photo of the spider-man that nobody expected

This hAndrew Garfield been published by the Mexican cinemAndrew Garfield Cinemex chain, sharing a photograph of the production on which the three protagonist actors appear with their respective Spider-Man costumes next to their different action doubles , also dressed in their Work suits. It is the usual doubles that perform the acrobatics or more dangerous scenes Andrew Garfield in so many other action films, although this time the image can not be more surprising.

Andrew Garfield we can appreciate, both Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield had their own double action; But it is that Tom Holland Todos two doubles , Andrew Garfield seen in the photograph. By the way, this photograph corresponds to the final battle in the Statue of Liberty.

Despite the importance of the doubles of action in productions of this type, Tom Holland himself recently admitted that in Uncharted he had shot the more difficult scene of his career Andrew Garfield an actor. “The sequence in which I go flying from the plane with all those boxes, we had to roll it for about five weeks almost every day. There were times when he wAndrew Garfield more than 30 meters from the ground moored to a box that does not stop moving, and bAndrew Garfieldically I grabbed until I finish letting go, “Holland explained.