Review Drama: Skicrosserin Maier gets bronze

Daniela Maier squatted only disappointed in the snow, then leaned irritated and a little helpless on a wall – and after a minute and nervous video proof, her unexpected bronze medal did not want to do. “My nerves lay blank. I thought that was unfair,” said the German Skicrosserin for the greatest and probably dramatic success of her career. Only when her team she celebrated after the jury decision in the poor castle and “you are the best wife” songs, the 25-year-old gradually enjoyed joy.

Maier will never forget this emotional rollercoaster ride. After all, she had already completed with the first Olympic Medal for a German Skicrosserin. As fourth, Maier crossed the Schwedin Sandra Näslund over the Canadian Marielle Thompson and Fanny Smith’s Schwedin’s Olympic Sieges from Switzerland. But on the video wall, in the wild snowstorm of Zhangjiakou, only gold for groove and silver for Thompson were confirmed. The rest was “Under review,” the jury approached the video proof due to an unfair action by Smith.

It’s the medal. Since tomorrow no person asks how the conclusion came.

Heli Herdt

Final thriller with Sandra Näslund, Marielle Thompson, Fanny Smith and Daniela Maier. AFP Via Getty Images

Minutely trembled Maier at minus 20 degrees, spelled on the display panel, bite on the fingernails. Then finally the salvation. While Smith did not understand the world, Maier not knew how she should react. “Fanny got the yellow card on the destination straight through her maneuver. There is a relatively clear rule booklet. If a driver can be inspected and the ride of another is slowed down significantly, then that’s a yellow card,” said the sporty ladder Heli Herdt in the ARD. “It’s the medal, no one asks tomorrow, as the conclusion came.”

Responsible for video proof was the German Peter Krogoll. However, the decision met a five-member jury. Casual Maier’s medal is no longer. She himself expressed himself reserved: “She took me a bit the speed, for that we have a racing jury. That’s SKICROSS PUR.”

Justification of the jury

Renndirector Klaus Waldner defended the return of the Swiss. “At the relevant case, the jury believes that Fanny Smith could have just drive,” said the Austrian in the ARD. But Smith make a big step to the left. “As a result, Dani has lost balance and thereby the whole momentum. This action has influenced the result because Dani would pass without contact.” It was a hard decision, but it should be fair.

The native Furtwanterner Maier, who had traveled to China in the Canadian Nakiska with outsider chances to China after a few weeks ago at the World Cup in Canadian Nakiska, brought the German Ski Association (DSV) the first Olympic coin in this discipline. “World class. So, so cool. Simply mega,” Maier raved. Your personal reward? “Maybe a champagne tonight.”

Already in the quarter and semi-finals, the 25-year-old had been standing shortly before that. From the meantime last place, Maier fought for ahead on the icy route. “That was a thriller, she just deserves it,” Herdt praised. Maier’s team collegation Johanna Holzmann from Memmingen had previously failed in the quarterfinals. For Maier, it is now called: “realizing and then enjoying, unbelievable, I just have bronze”. And again tears. This time exclusively from joy.

The result at a glance

Medal mirror