No comparison RGB gaming! MSI, GK71 Sonic Gaming Keyboard Release

MSI Korea (Representative Execution) announced its official launched ‘MSI GK71 Sonic Gaming Keyboard’ with its own high-performance switch and colorful RGB LED.

MSI GK71 Sonic Gaming Keyboard is equipped with MSI Sonic Switch Civil Engineering, which has developed its own MSI Sonic Switch, which has developed self-developed by lightweight and fast response speeds, and realizes rapid response rate with less movement. In addition, it supports anti-gossing capabilities and RGB LEDs and multimedia control keys that can be simultaneously input to ensure that there is no collision for key inputs, and a wheel-based key that can easily operate mute and volume control.

VIGOR GK71 SONIC - Light Touch, Instant Kill! | Gaming Gear | MSI

The MSI crystal keycap mounted on this product is more sharply shine through the transparent portion of the lower end. Various and colorful RGB LEDs are enabled through the MSI’s integrated software, and support a variety of detailed settings such as macro functions to configure their own gaming environment. The metal produced by the metal boasts strong durability and provides a more comfortable environment by basic a wrist resting with a premium memory form.

MSI GK71 Sonic Gaming Keyboard to commemorate the release of the keyboard, and written the product and written the usernator to participate in the user event that will present the voucher of 50,000 won. Meanwhile, if you want to confirm additional information about ‘MSI GK71 Sonic Gaming Keyboard’, you can contact Mti-Fe, MSI User Cafe, MSI Korea homepage.