After Frenzels burglary: Geiger saves the combiner

Corona returner Eric Frenzel breaks in the season and lacks even on the podium. In the end it is enough for silver behind Norway.

When the final runner Vinzenz Geiger with last strength saved the silver medal, Eric Frenzel was missing in the target area. Also on the winning podium was nothing to see about the Corona returnee who had previously experienced a bad burglary on the track. “The Eric has spread completely. This with Corona will have contributed to his rest. He’s better again and he recoveres,” said Bundestrainer Hermann wine book in the ard.

Only three days after the release from the quarantine, Frenzel dared the start with the relay, even because the doctors had given green light. On the track, the 33-year-olds were to look at the strains, Frenzel lost a lot of time. In the end, he was allowed to thank Cleaner’s violinist, which won clearly behind Norway the sprint around silver against Japan.

“Eric is up normally again. He had to run a lot alone, the others have struck a very high pace. Of course, he also hurt him very much,” said wine book.

Frenzel, violinist, Julian Schmid and the manuel streamed as a substitute after Beijing were fees after four jumps and an exciting cross-country skiing over 4×5 km 54.9 seconds behind Norway – even because Frenzel lost a lot of ground on the third part. Instead of the Saxony, it was Jörgen Graabak, who was the first combiner of history for the fourth time Olympic gold.

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Stenzel nevertheless caused two Olympic bests: With his seventh medal, the 33-year-old set the record of Felix Gottwald (Austria). For four different winter games on the podium, only the Austrian Mario Stecher had been stood before Frenzel.

Frenzel had only done the leap into the DSV four after a health check, he had to go to Johannes Rydzek. On the ski arap Frenzel justified the confidence with a jump to 132.0 m. Because also fails (128.5), violinist (133.0) and Schmid (131.5) convinced, the DSV team was on three eleven seconds According to the leading Austrians and three seconds to Norway in the trail.

Especially Frenzel’s appearance at position three had been expected with tension. His Norwegian rival Jarl Magnus Riiber, who had also been released on Monday in the quarantine, had dispensed with a relay launch after his powerless appearance.

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Frenzel then had some efforts to follow his competitors, the gap started again. Another attack, however, the Routinian could no longer counter and hand over behind 38 seconds as a fourth of violinists. Although the Oberstdorfer had to let Norway graabak, but ranked in an exciting three-fight including standing attempts around silver – and sat down.