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Exactly one week ago, this year’s Oscar nominations were announced: a great spectacle in which movie fans mutually follow each other in advance of the heads and argue about the decisions of the Academy . This tradition will continue 2022.

A big issue this time is Spider-Man: No Way Home. The latest Marvel strip was the blockbuster experience par excellence, rinsed countless viewers and corresponding revenue in the cinemas and critics were mostly very pleased from the current appearance of Peter Parker.

The Academy wants to honor the most popular movie

The outcry was correspondingly large as the Oscar nominations were announced and Spider-Man managed in exactly one category: Best Visual Effects. Fans of the film were upset and Marvel President Kevin Feige felt for sure again confirmed that superhero films are disadvantaged in award ceremony.

But there is hope for Spider-Man: No Way Home (Buy Now 14.99 €), to sign out about unexpected detours at the Oscars. The Academy announced that this time you want to spend a very special honor: the most popular movie . Of course, the jury does not choose, but people around the world – about Twitter.

Since Monday, fans can make their vote with the Hashtag # Oscarsfanfavorite and even if 2021 had to offer some good stripes despite pandemic, Spider-Man: No Way Home in terms of popularity probably the nose in front. The action is running until March 3 and the film with most votes will be awarded on March 27th.

Critical voices for the audience price

The only way from Twitter to vote for his favorite movie of 2021 is to visit the official website of the action: however, this is not possible in this country and Germany is not the only country that is excluded from: in fact only inhabitants of the USA Vote on the website . For the rest of the world, only Twitter remains, which is only one of the reasons for criticism of the audience price.

Many question the decision because they are outside the USA a very isolated opinion . In addition, the action could be easily abused to play the Academy a prank if you collectively intentionally vote for a normally eligible movie.

Of course, the Academy sees this differently and refers to the whole thing as a chance to share fans at the award. Meryl Johnson, Vice President for Digital Marketing at the Academy, announced: _ “This makes users of social media around the world more opportunities to interact in real time with the show, to find a community and to be part of this experience, in paths How it was never possible. “_

It remains exciting whether the bill is committed as you hope for the Academy or a shot in the oven will predict some voices on the Internet. Which film in the end wins the audience price and which works still clear at the Oscars, we will find out on 27 March at the award .

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