Legends Pokemon: Arceus: Interactive map with all Pokemon, berry trees, minerals and more important points

When traveling from one side for another by the HISUI region of Legends Pokémon: Arceus You will find you from everything , from wild Pokémon to berry trees, as well as stones that when breaking you will give you minerals and much more than You can not overlook.

That is why to throw a hand we have prepared the following guide in which you will find an interactive map of each of the important zones of the game.

Interactive map of Legends Pokémon: Arceus

When you go on one side for another it is easy that there is something you do not notice or what you may not remember where you were in some are the five main zones in which the adventure is divided. That is why you will find the links to the interactive maps of each of them:

  • Map of the obsidian meadow
  • Map of the Crimson Pantanal
  • Map of the Cobalt Coast
  • Map of the hillside crown
  • Map of the Tundra Alba

Thanks to them you can check all kinds of details, with the exact location in which each of the Pokémon will appear, as well as the Alpha versions of some of them. In addition, between the options you can select the escurridizes Unown or the specific places where the spacing distortions appear.

Instead, if you are after the search for resources or some type of object Specifically you can also find it on this map, such as stones with minerals, the points where you can dig ursaluna, berry trees or even locations of the sciruts of Spiritomb. So you know where to turn the next time you do not find something.

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