To producer Mother 3 would like to see the location of the game in the West

Shinichi Kameoka, one of the producers of Mother 3 , has declared that he would love to see the launch of Mother 3 in the United States and Europe “during an interview with Nintendo Everything. “As a lover of videogames, I will continue waiting for the international launch of Mother 3,” he added.

The title was launched in 2006 for Game Boy Advance to close the Mother trilogy, and years later it also came to the Wii U virtual console, in both cases exclusively in Japan. Since its departure, a translation into English has been claimed on the part of the fans, which we have only seen in ROMs and GBA cartridges of dubious liability created by fans.

Maybe you remember that on April 20 last year, when the 15th anniversary of the launch of the game, Reggie Fils-Aime, president of Nintendo of America, decided to answer what was the oldest game in his library that had not yet Played and mentioned a Mother 3 in English that did not dare to play. With what he did played was with the feelings of the people.

Even Mother 3's Producer Wants an English Release! + Nintendo Posts Earthbound Guide for FREE

In addition, the Timing of these statements could not have been more successful. Last Wednesday, during the last Nintendo Direct, the company announced that EarthBound (Mother 2) and EarthBound Beginnings (Mother) were already available in the Nintendo Switch online catalog for SNES and NES, respectively. This fact, of course, did nothing but rekindle the ships on a possible relaunching of the requested third installment.