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[Concolsion] NC Soft “Try to introduce NFT? Efforts to disable existing balance”

[Eye News 24 Mun Young – Soo] Hongwon Jun Jun Soft Financial Officer (CFO) is a 2021 earnings announcement conference call “P2E’s concept” in the conference call “Concept of P2E is very severe,” I did not approach the P2E concept from the beginning to the P2E concept. “

He said, “I said in a 3Q earnings, but we have an excellent experience and ability to keep the game ikonomi stable. In any case, in some cases, in some cases, In more detail, it is not the time of the game in the game, the value of the goods in the game, the value of the goods in the game, and the NFT introduction of the stability is not thought, “he emphasized.”

Hong CFO, “We have been troubled from the beginning that they have been trying to provide any value through NFT to actual game users, and they are still trying to carry it to run, but I would like to say that it is not a business model to value NFT investors or coin investors.” I added.

Line Goes Up – The Problem With NFTs

In addition, “the existing BM or the economic system will be maintained as it is, to keep our customers in addition to the NFT, which can be objectified in the game through NFT, and the value can be preserved, and finally, Three ways to discuss the plans that can be reflected in the game eco system, “he said.

Finally, “Many companies are technically important, and they are technically important, and they are technically important. In the case of technical aspects, we are discussing all of the measures that can be solved through cooperation with internal and external companies.” The point is that the introduction of NFT is striving to implement a method that does not hurt the economic system, balance, and all goods value of existing games than the technical system.