Krafton: Hyperrealistic TechDemo shows virtual people

Krafton, Inc. has recently presented a TechDemo, which shows a hyperrealistic “virtual man”. This is able to show both expressive and nuanced emotions.

This was possible thanks to a combination of artificial intelligence and 3D-based hyperrealism technology of the Unreal Engine. Thus, a digital character was created, which is hardly distinguishable from the real world. The CEO of Krafton, Ch Kim, announced during an internal meeting last month that the company will use this hyperrealism technology in the future for a variety of projects.

The creator of PUBG will build a virtual human driven by artificial intelligence.

The demo of “ virtual man ” of Krafton shows vibrant movements based on motion capture, pupil movements that are made possible by the rigging technology, different facial expressions and soft “baby” hairs.

The result hardly differs from a real man. The company plans to adapt this technology for various business units, including game characters, esports and virtual influencers / entertainers. In addition to hyper-realism, KRONTON will continue its extensive research on numerous innovative technologies such as artificial intelligence (ki), text-to-speech, speech-to-text and voice-to-face to create virtual people who are for interactive communication be capable.

“Kraft’s virtual people demo shows what kind of high-end content can be implemented with hyper-realism technology,” says Krafton Creative Director Josh Seokjin Shin. “This demo shows the first steps to create an incredible and interactive virtual world (metaver). In the meantime, we will introduce more advanced versions of virtual people and content because we believe in the infinite usability of such technologies. “

In addition to the demo of “virtual people”, a recent PubG: BattleMounds-Cinematic video with hyper-realism technology was produced to demonstrate the application potential for games.

The Cinematic Video, which highlighted the recent change of the game on free-to-play, was very positive by the community of the game. The fans praised the use of state-of-the-art graphics technology and the dynamic action of the video, which can easily measure with high-quality live action content.

KRONTON focuses on using these technologies for the introduction of virtual content, which was used for the first time in the recently published PubG eSports trailer 2022 of the company’s application.

In this video, the Unreal Engine was used to blur the boundaries between the virtual and the real world and to highlight the potential for unique experiences that have not yet been available to Esports players.