Pressimes: “Grotescher Power failure at FC Bayern”

A last sovereign and actually former FC Bayern received completely surprisingly on Saturday 2: 4 (1: 4) deduction – from climber VfL Bochum. Especially defensively, the record champion presented itself over wide stretches like a student team. The reactions in the press fell accordingly:

Kicker : “Tunnel and Traumtore: Bochum Gives Bayern four pieces! The VfL Bochum gave birth to Bayern Munich early in arrears, but then turned the game with dream gates and yielded themselves for the significant first leg defeat.”

NTV : “The disturbing failure of Bayern! What was going on there? Well, you know that in FC Bayern himself not so accurate. In a completely crazy first half, the team of Julian Nagelsmann is performed by the VfL Bochum phase, The coach is blowing with himself, Joshua Kimmich counts the team. “

Picture : “What a sensation of Bochum, what a humiliation for FC Bayern! The climber cleans the record champion with 4: 2 away! Deep in the west, as Herbert Grönemeyer sings in the” Bochum “hymn, These times the Bayern! “

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RTL : “No! But! Ohh! You hardly dare his eyes, but it is true: VfL Bochum beats FC Bayern with 4: 2. No joke. 4: 2. After the first half was the Drops sucked. And though the guests had even led from Munich. “

SPIEGEL ONLINE : “Form low in the west! Four goals in a half, three of which blow on stroke: Bayern Munich goes in Bochum – not for the first time this season. […] the problems in the defensive, Starting with a tabs Pressing and ending with speed deficits at the players in the defensive chain, were again cheering. “

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Süddeutsche Zeitung : “The Bayern lose with 2: 4 at VfL Bochum and cash in two forms of beautiful dream gates shortly before halftime. An afternoon for football romantics leads to herber self-criticism at the dealers.”

TZ : “Mega-Blamage! FC Bayern collapses Irrre dream tore and comes with newcomers under the wheels. Coach Julian Nagelsmann is the blame for him – and contradicts Joshua Kimmich.”

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung : “Grotescher Power failure at Bayern! In a spectacular game, which already started curios, Bochum succeeds in astonishing victory over the table.” The Munich plays faulty. “