Joey City, Essential Massball: Crypto Contribute Brand Page Open

Joey City (Representative Corporation) said that its new P2E (Play to Earn) game was developed.

‘Essentials: Krypto Contribute’ is a P2E game that Joey City is first introduced. It is characterized by being a realistic implementation of Hyundai, who succeeds the appeal of the original ‘Essential Emperor’ IP.

In addition, ‘Essential Municipal: Crypto Contribute’ is on-board with a networked network, which is a domestic block body, and a service is made. The wemade developed the W Mix is ​​running the game, including the game, which is a block chain.

Joey City is a new utility token based utility token, and Titanium (Milico) and new timeline (titanium) are used in a variety of ways in the game.

On an open brand page, it is possible to form the atmosphere of the game through various artwork and content information. In addition, if you proceed with your pre-reservation with your email subscription application, you can preview various information of ‘Humidness: Krypto Contribute’ in a newsletter format.

Joey City celebrates the opening of the brand page, conducting an airdrop event that paid up to 100,000 tokens throughout four times a total of four times a total of four times. Visiting branded pages, a simple mission, such as a newsletter subscription, will be given a schedule entry point, and pay a reward through a random lottery for those who collect to a certain point. The upper 100 entry point acquisition is paid to the top of the top 100 additional tokens.

In addition, new trailers were released. In this trailer, it was drawn in the huge aircraft carrier that sails over the network.

‘Essentials: Crypto Contribute’ will be released in early March, and will perform market pre-reservation from 17th.