The popular word reasoning game “Wordle” is acquired by several billion yen in THE NEW YORK TIMES. Under the umbrella of the development of development

The New York Times Company revealed that January 31 acquired the word reasoning game “ Wordle “. Although the same work will be relocated on the new York Times site, play records are taking over and can not be enjoyed for free.

“Wordle” is a word injection game that boasts huge popularity centering on English language. Developers, Josh Wardle, an engineer based in New York, USA. The player’s goal should unlike the 5-character English words set daily. If the entered alphabet is included in the word, and if there is a place, the character background is green. Although it is included in the word, if the place is different, the character background becomes yellow. Based on such hints, it is a game that applies “today’s correct answer” in the number of times of six attempts. In addition, there is a function to share your own grades with SNS without revealing the answer, and we have shown a global popular extent.

And on January 31, the New York Times Company issued the US General Paper The New York Times, etc., announced that he has acquired “Wordle” from Wardle. Although the acquisition amount is private, it has been revealed that “7 digit units first half” or at least one million US dollars (about 145 million yen). According to the announcement, it is now that millions of people are playing “Wordle” every day. It is also touched by the sub-scripting service New York Times Games of the word puzzle provided by the paper. However, for “Wordle”, it is not possible to play free of charge at present, and there is no plan to change the game play.

In fact, there is a shallow edge between the development history of “Wordle” and the new York Times. That’s why, Palak Shah, who is the partner of Wardle, is addicted to the word puzzle offered by the newspaper as the time of time during the pandemic. And, Wardle has enjoyed SHAH, so he re-shaped the “Wordle” prototype for sale in 2013. At first I was enjoying with Mr. Shah and relatives, but it was a very popular game during the blink. In other words, the AORK TIMES is one of the triggering and the birthed app will be under the Umbrella of the New York Times Company.

In response to this acquisition, Wardle himself also posted a statement on Twitter account. According to His, “Wordle” is widely popular, and many people are happy to use the same work as the topic seeds. However, the first popularity of the most popular has a part that was slightly overwhelmed. Therefore, this time it was delighted to give the new York Times, it was delighted, and it also mentioned that it was the impact of the paper on the background of the birth of the “Wordle”. In addition, although they move to the new York Times site, we will take over the previous play records etc. under the cooperation of Wardle.

“Wordle” is a simple and lightweight game, but it is a big deal to maintain a page with a number of traffic every day every day. Although there are concerns such as advertisements and future operations, the same work shifted with the edge of the new York Times would be welcome to think of Wardle’s bearing surface. The popularity of “Wordle” is increasing, and in addition to many language editions by volunteer production, a plurality of Japanese versions “Wordle” are also appearing (related articles). In addition, “Wordle” Respect works were also shown as a specific theme, such as “Pokemon’s name” (related articles). It will be appreciated that the same work continues to be loved by many fans in the future.