WoW Patch 9.2: Nerf for DrustTulfesklaue could be the TRAUNA-SCITHE

WoW Patch 9.2 not only brings a lot of new endgame content as well as the final Shadowlands RAID, but also various class changes and adjustments to balancing. One of these adjustments concerns the opposite type Drustfölelsklaue in the Dungeon Trna Scithe. This opponent gets a rich nerf missed – and this Nerf could affect the dungeon meta.

Патч 9.2! Классовые изменения! Нерфы и Апы

Reach changed by veellass and last breath

The WOW developers have listed two changes in the current patch notes, which affect the attack of the Drustfelsklaue (via WOWHEAD). The following abilities get collected a Nerf:

  • Last breath: cursed in the death of player characters and creatures within six meters (previously 30 meters), which increases their suffered damage 20 seconds by ten percent (previously 30 seconds).
  • ADERLASS: Jumps to a player character, then slits all the player characters within 4 meters and adds them in 1979 physical damage as well as an additional 8 sec all 2 sec. 1484 physical damage. The minimum range of the magic is ten meters.

Thus, the curse of last breath is much shorter and in a limited radius than before. In addition, ADERLASS with patch 9.2 only works on players who are located at least ten meters away from the drug claw. The developers justify these changes as follows:
We had hoped that last breath for plays with high risk and high reward is used, but players believed that the risk predominates significantly. This update should make the risk better calculable and the ability to make more interesting.

How do the Nerfs look like the Meta of Trna Scithe?

The plan that WoW fans with the ability of the Druststeufelsklaue with patch 9.2 gamble more than before, could quite rise. Because a decrease can be dealt with in contrast to previously with appropriate room management. In addition, the damage that the group receives by stack of last breath can be significantly better than hopes so far, so that the damage bonus could finally become attractive to the opponents of TRAUNA SCITHE.