The book of Reggie Fils

In case you were not aware, Reggie Fils-Aimé is writing your own book, which not only has a new release date, but has also revealed its official cover. This book will be known as “ Disrupting The Game “, and will tell us about how this dear executive came to Nintendo as well as some of the most important points of Him’s race.

Originally, this book was designed to be premiered on May 24 , but its launch will be advanced to May 3, So you can get it three weeks before the announced. And here you can see how your cover looks:

This publication promises to be almost the same to a conversation with Reggie , and apparently, you will be knowing about the following points of life and professional career of it:

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  • The challenges who confronted Reggie in his life and his career – from the humble childhood of him as the son of immigrants from Haiti, to become one of the most powerful names in the history of the videogame industry.

  • What is needed to reach the top in your own industry, including being brave enough to support your own ideas, while at the same time also be open to different paths to achieve success.

  • How to create striking and credible visions for your team and company.

  • How to maintain a fierce curiosity and know when to ask questions that break with the traditional. “

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Editor’s note : It will definitely be interesting to know how Reggie’s trajectory was, especially because we are talking about one of the most important figures in the gaming industry. At this point we are all very familiar with the executive, but not so much about the rest of him.