Team doctor: Frenzel “mentally never seen in such a situation”

The Corona-positive Olympic champion Eric Frenzel honors with the quarantine situation and will not be able to repeat its gold coup from the normal hill. The nightmare start in China pretty much with the Nordic combiner. “I have never seen him mentally in such a situation,” said team doctor Stefan Pecher, who looks after Frenzel for his own information since 17 years. “Not with defeats, not in situations with bad luck with World Cups or World Championships or Olympic Games. He was really in the end.”

No start in the first competition

The 33-year-old record world champion, who had spent four years ago in Pyeongchang in this discipline, will definitely miss the first single on the normal hill on Wednesday. This also applies to the well-tested Terence Weber. “For the first competition, I can not release them, I have to protect them,” said Pecher on Saturday in Zhangjiakou.

This is after consultation with national coach Hermann wine book and the team management “definitely excluded”. It does not go to CT values, but also “for medical stories and the safety of athletes”. For further competitions on 15 and 17 February, he be “good things,” said Pecher. The two power carriers Frenzel and Weber had been positively tested on the coronavirus after their entry into China.

FAILS comes – but he starts too?

Now Manuel is now fees, who is to travel to the Chinese capital on Sunday from Zurich via Milan. This confirmed team manager Horst Hüttel. But it is still open whether the 29-year-old really is used. Because of a special rule, according to which an athlete would have to be removed when accepted by FAILST, you have to weigh this. Hüttel described that there are still negotiations at this point. “The wires run in full swing.”

National coach Hermann wine book has already signaled that he wants to make such a swap only if he can undo, stressed Hüttel. It is quite possible because of the rule that you go to the start at first only with three athletes. Vinzenz Geiger, Johannes Rydzek and Julian Schmid had been nominated for the games alongside Frenzel and Weber.

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Bad quarantine conditions

Team doctor Pecher described how the initial conditions have appeared in the quarantine hotel. “Yesterday the situation has shown very bad. When I got the first videos, I was a bit astonished,” the doctor said. It did not just deal with “a Grand Hotel”. Meanwhile, the conditions have improved. Pecher said, “We continue to do everything that it stays like that.” Unlike Frenzel weer isolated in the team quarters.

Meanwhile, the DOSB strives intensively for improving quarantine conditions for Frenzel. Chef de Mission Dirk Schimmelpfennig described her on Saturday as “unreasonable”. Therefore, the DOSB is already in intensive exchange with the International Olympic Committee and the Olympic Organizers to create “accelerated remedy”.

“Adequate” solutions required by the IOC

This is not just for the Nordic combiner, but also for the ice skating runner Nolan Seegert, who has to spend three days in the isolation hotel and now receives a larger room and exercise equipment. “We are important to us that the framework conditions are good in the quarantine,” said moldpensy. “Important is that the three athletes have the perspective to return to the competition and to be able to prepare physically.” He is convinced that solutions are found, “which are appropriate”.

Already at the pre-Olympic test competitions, the German Bobs and Rodler had complained about unreasonable conditions in Beijing. “We have placed these critical feedback at the IOC and demanded optimization requirement,” he explained.

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