PLAYSTATION STUDIOS developer talks about “Boss of Fromm-Gee” -As the “Elden Ring” released at PS.blog

Sony Interactive Entertainment is “Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice ” “ Bloodborne ” “ Demon’s Souls ” and “ Demon’s Souls ” and “ Demon’s Souls ” that the PLAYSTATION STUDIOS developer was Handled by Playstation Studios. DARK Souls ** We published articles that tell the favorite boss that appear in the series.

The same article featured from the nearest release of “Elden Ring” has heard about a boss that is an iconic boss that is symbolic with the height of the overall game of the game in the above-mentioned from software works. In Somniac Games, Bluepoint Games, Bend Studios, etc., developers who belong to a prominent developer says that they belong to the impression of memories and received.

  • Thomas Hart (Insomniac Games): “Yellow Yellow Town” | “Demon’s Souls”

  • Tom ClerCx (Nixxes Software): “Gray Oshi Shifu” | “Dark Souls”

  • Dzan Wong, Duncan Tyrer (FireSprite): “Ryun Hunting O’n Stein” and “Executioner Smow” | “Dark Souls”

  • Matthew Kemp (FIRESPRITE): “Knight Altrius” | “Dark Souls”

  • Randall Lowe (Bluepoint Games): “Cold Valley Dancer” | “DARK SOULS III”

  • Tucker Cole (Bend Studio): “Anonymous King” | “Dark Souls III”

  • Ivanna Liittschwager (Santa Monica Studio): “Clock Tower Maria” | “Bloodborne”

  • KEANO RAUBUN (Nixxes Software): “Rudge Week of Holy Sword” | “Bloodborne”

  • Israel Rey (Bluepoint Games): “Father-in-law” | “Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice”

  • Joe Pettinati (Naee Dog): “Lion Monkey” | “Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice”

  • Anna Marsh (FireSprite): “Maboro Ozo Butterfly” | “Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice”

The more detailed content of each says is published in PlayStation.blog.