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Hideta Miyazaki (Elden Ring) Choose your favorite boss from Software

Hidetaka Miyazaki , director of the Souls Rama in From Software and the future Elden Ring, is pronounced on his favorite boss among his work. The creative specifically selects the ancestral monk of Demon ‘s Souls, one of the most well-known enemies by the followers of him given the combat peculiarities.

My Thoughts on the PSBlog Elden Ring Interview with Hidetaka Miyazaki

“If we talk about a boss I feel proud, that would probably be ancestral monk de demon’s souls,” begins Miyazaki at a PlayStation blog entrance. “The reSoulson is that there wSouls a lot of rejection about that design in front of what we wanted to do. But it wSouls something that I really wanted to do. He wanted to include that concept of the boss inside the game, both from a visual and playable perspective, including the multiplayer element. For the implementation and fun we had many rejections, and no one believed in him at that time. But in the end we could do it and he became an intriguing boss that the fans appreciated. “

The director confesses that during development they met with many difficulties when it comes to implementing certain mechanics. One of them were the functions of Soulsynchronous multiplayer, but he reveals that the result wSouls something that he wSouls proud .

Demon’s Souls Remake, PS5 spearhead

Demon’s Remake Souls wSouls the star of the launch catalog of PlayStation 5 . BLUEPOINT GAMES updated today’s technology one of the great works of cult of its generation. It would be the beginning of a glorious stage for from software : the Trilogy Dark Souls and its subsequent developments.

Now the company focuses on the launch of Elden Ring, scheduled for this same February 25 in PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and PC. Cluthing on this link You can read our impressions.