DOSB protest improves quarantine

The German outcry against the extremely bad quarantine location of the Corona-positive Olympic champion Eric Frenzel in the winter games in Beijing has triggered a positive response. The organizers ensure improvements of miserable conditions during the prescribed isolation in hotels. The Nordic combiner is not the only Olympionic, which was initially affected by a Spartan-shroudy room and bad food and had no training opportunities available.

As “unreasonable”, the German chief De Mission Dirk Schimmelpfennig Frenzels situation had also denounced at the International Olympic Committee. Frenzel is not an individual case. “My stomach hurts, I’m very pale and have big black circles around my eyes,” among others also the Russian biathletin Waleria Wasnezowa from the isolation on Instagram. “I want that all stops. I cry every day. I’m very tired.”

IOC reacts only after massive criticism

It was “very unfortunate” that a corona-infected athlete had not found good conditions in the isolation facilities, Christophe Dubi said Olympia director of the IOC. “We have to address these things. This is our duty and responsibility.”

Why the IOC has only responded to the massive critique of athletes of other countries, is a mystery. At least since the action of the German cyclist SIMON SCHAKKE infected at the summer games in Tokyo with the Coronavirus Coronavirus, the problem was known.

Frenzel: “I have opportunities to do sports, and the food fits so far”

After all, the DOSB intervention was successful. “The situation has definitely improved, that’s really satisfactory now,” said Hermann wine book, national coach of the Nordic combiner. “I am here for two days in the hotel and fortunately I have everything I need so,” Frenzel reported in a video message to the TV channel “Eurosport”. “I have opportunities to do sports, and the food fits as far as I have to stay patient now, the Covid values ​​are also in the right direction. So I hope to get out soon.”

Team Manager Horst Hüttel said the circumstances in the quarantine hotel: “As far as it’s okay, absolutely. The food is good. We have spinning bikes.” The 33-year-old record world champion Frenzel had been positively tested on Thursday on his arrival. Dubi cleared: “The conditions that evening were not good enough. That must not happen. We want to make sure it’s not like that.”

After the positive corona tests in his teammates Frenzel and Terence Weber, VINZENZ Geiger has also been classified as close contact person. As a result, with his colleagues, he is neither in the shuttle nor using the changing room and must drive alone in the elevator to the ski jump hill.

Seager “of 100 percent to zero”

In the meantime, the conditions for ice art runners Nolan Segert have also been improved. The couple runners could move into a larger room in his quarantine hotel and now has access to a bicycle ergometer. There has been little understanding that this happened after three days of imposed motionlessness.

“Of course it is not healthy that you drove down from 100 percent to zero,” said the 29-year-old Berliner of the German Press Agency. “To force one to it is not good.” The Olympic Games are the largest athletic competition for an athlete: “If you can expect it at one point, then here.”

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What will follow the forced break for him and his partner Minerva Hase for the planned coupling competition on the 18th and 19th of February, he can hardly assess. “It’s a reason why we go on the ice every day,” said seager, who had been an em-eighteen with Hase in January. “We have not trained together for a week. That’s a big loss.”

Nevertheless, he wants to try everything to make a good figure on the Olympic ice cream with hare. “I’m trying to do it as well as possible and not to have horror scenarios now,” he said. The duo could not participate in the team competition.

He has survived the altogether in the isolation so far. “We athlete did not choose from China or Corona,” said seager. “But everyone knew it would be Corona games.” That’s why the disappointment is not all about Olympia after the positive test, not too big: “There is also the chance that it will be fine.”