Valorant: Onur returns to the scene as Leaviatán Esports coach

On the morning of February 7, Leviathan changed to his head coach for the Valorant Division. The Brazilian Dyamond “Phonics” Pillon took a step on the side of the Chilean set after almost a year. Rodrigo “Onur” Dalmagro , Argentine coach and ex-Krü Esports, will take his position to the first Challengers of the southern cone of Latin America.

Phonics directed Leviathan ESPORTS group since they were with Australs. Due to the cessation of operations of the organization, the quintet remained without colors for a few months. Leviathan hired them in November 2021, winning the valorant defending the games season. He participated in the local competition of Argentina Game Show 2021, losing the semifinals against Ebro Gaming.

A days from starting the Challengers competitions, trials of the first masters of the year, Leviathan adjusted his technical body. Onur was disconnected from Krü Esports a few weeks ago, pointing to train in Brazil with Loud. However, there were complications in the phase-related issues-related issues (COVID-19). The peel was out of the project and continued looking for a new team to direct. He finally occurred: Now he will be at the head of the Australs project who was close to going to Berlin Champions.

About Phonics, The team wrote the following in social networks: “After a mutual agreement, Phonics will no longer be part of our Valorant team, thank you very much for everything, successes in your future!” Outside the adjustment in the technical body, Leviathan is maintained as follows:

  • Benjamín “adverse” poplete
  • Francisco “Kingg” Aravenna
  • Marco “Melser” Amaro
  • Vicente “Tacolilla” Compagnon
  • Matías “Vaiz” Barría

I Coached an Ex-Radiant Coach... (Valorant)

It is necessary to mention that Vaiz is the only one who was not in the Australs project. The Athlete of 18 years was at Gaming Meta before arriving at Leviathan. He played the second phase three challengers, losing against Velox.