Dark Souls PC servers will remain deactivated until after the release of Elden Ring

The team of bandai namco has reported through the Twitter account of Dark Souls that the servers of the game in PC will remain deactivated until after the release of Elden Ring , That is, after February 25. This news includes all deliveries of the From Software series, and will not affect the versions in Game Consoles.

The news will sound you, come from an uncovered vulnerability on the servers of the Saga in general and Dark Souls III in particular, which forced them to close them “temporarily”. It is a Exploit known as RCE (remote code execution), which allowed executing the code hanging by holes that left the online connections of the game at a distance. Although this vulnerability has been present from years ago, it had not yet been resolved because it had not generated problems, until a user showed that he could do so by taking control of a twitch retransmission.

RCE Issue Fixed for Elden Ring's PC Release (Day 605)

Since it is known, in addition to arouse fear among present players in the series, it could also generate some concern for those who wait with desire Elden Ring and now they could distrust their multiplayer modality to be able to suffer this type of problem, although they have confirmed that no It should be extended to its new title: “We have expanded the research to Elden Ring and we have ensured that the security measures necessary for this title are implemented on all platforms.” That extra time, in fact, is the one that will extend the closure of the Dark Souls servers in order to focus on launching the new delivery without possible failures of the online mode.

They have also wanted to thank the Dark Souls community for “communicating directly” with the company in order to “express their concerns and propose solutions”, something that has been essential so that they could identify the causes and be able to solve the problem.

Although they have not specified when they will inform about the reactivation of the servers, they urge users to remain attentive to their social networks for new updates.